Injury Rundown: Deuce is Done

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Well, that was a massacre. The names of the weakened and infirmed from Week 3 just keep coming. And many of the names are big. First-rounders. Second-rounders. Various Johnsons.

A quick review follows. There's only so much you can actually do with this information. The intention is just to sadden you.

Steven Jackson, partially torn groin
No good way to tear a groin. The Rams have ruled him out for Week 4, and it's likely he'll sit for weeks beyond that. "Number 23 is going to get his first NFL start," Scott Linehan told the St Louis Post-Dispatch. The number 23 in question is Brian Leonard (1.2 percent owned), a rookie running back out of Rutgers who generated roughly 30 percent of the watch-able NFL preseason highlights. Get him whether you're invested in Jackson or not.

Rudi Johnson, pulled hamstring
This stinks. Not just that he's mildly injured, but that he plays in the Monday night game. If he's out, there's no late replacement possibility. Kenny Watson carried nine times for 60 yards and a touchdown after Johnson's injury in Week 3. The Bengals have also reportedly signed DeDe Dorsey to a two-year contract. Rudi has played all 16 games in each of the past three seasons, so there's hope here.

If you need a potential Monday night Rudi replacement, the 5.5 percent-owned Sammy Morris is really the guy.

Deuce McCallister, torn ACL
Deuce is done for this season. It's not like you can go out and add Reggie Bush, the player who figures to benefit most directly, stat-wise. You can add Aaron Stecker, though. He's less than one percent owned. If you don't have any sort of waiver priority, pass on Watson and Leonard and take a flier on Stecker, who should scrounge a few touches.

Marc Bulger, broken ribs
The plan seems to be for Bulger to continue playing. Hurt. It didn't go well in Week 3 (116 yards, 0 TD, 3 INT), but we have to credit Tampa Bay there. Gus Frerotte backs up Bulger, but there's no obvious need to add him. You drafted Bulger as a top-tier starter; he's still worth playing in Week 4 at Dallas. The Cowboys allow 250.3 passing yards per game.

Vernon Davis, partially torn MCL
Davis will likely miss at least two weeks. No obvious need to add Delanie Walker, not with guys like Bo Scaife (3.8 percent owned), Marcedes Lewis (1.4) and Greg Olsen (25.0) likely available in the free agent pool.

Andre Johnson, sprained knee
He's still expected to be out in Week 4. And so is Jacoby Jones (shoulder), the sleeper who was supposed to replace him. "It's like I'm learning to walk normally again," Johnson told the Houston Chronicle. So that doesn't sound too promising.

Ahman Green, bruised/sprained knee
The Chronicle also reports that Gary Kubiak is "hopeful" Green will start. Ron Dayne (ribs) is also expected to play.

Julius Jones, concussed
He's currently expected to play against St. Louis in Week 4. This obviously isn't the Cowboy RB to own, anyway.

Calvin Johnson, bruised back
The Lions are still calling this a bruise, so it's hard to imagine him not playing in Week 4. Officially, he's day-to-day. Detroit has attempted 102 passes over the past two weeks.

Hines Ward, sprained knee
This injury has morphed from a bone bruise to a knee injury. Ward is doubtful for Week 4 against Arizona. There's really no addable Steelers receiver to get too excited about. This should boost Heath Miller's value a bit.

Tommie Harris, sprained knee
This affects the fantasy value of the Bears defense in no small way. They weren't the same fantasy entity after his injury last season. Lance Briggs' groin injury is considered far less serious.

Rex Grossman, appallingly bad
The Chicago Tribune is reporting that Brian Griese will start at Detroit in Week 4. So are about five other news outlets. Hard to believe that we've arrived at a point where Brian Griese can reasonably called a savior, but here we are. The Lions have allowed 278.7 passing yards per game and an opponent's completion percentage of 68.9. I'm done ranking, recommending, and possibly even watching Bears quarterbacks for a little while, though

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