Injury Rundown: Bear down

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Seconds after Cedric Benson injured his left ankle on Sunday afternoon, I clicked on the "Players" tab in a league in which owners can add free agents on game-day. And there it was:

"Adrian Peterson (Chi - RB) + Den FA"

But in the time it took to click the little green symbol and identify the appropriate player to drop, some other dude had picked up Peterson.

That always stinks. It's not that Peterson is likely to make a huge difference, fantasy-wise; the Bears face the Giants, Redskins, Vikings and Packers in the weeks ahead. It's just nice to win those stupid little add/drop races. Leagues should all have some sort of waiver process. You can't properly enjoy the NFL while sitting at a keyboard, waiting for ligament tears. If you play in a league that allows game-day transactions, though, that's what you do.

There's no faulting an owner who didn't have Peterson handcuffed to Benson, not in Week 12. The Bears running game has been bad enough that A) you probably weren't starting Benson each week, and B) a heavy investment in Chicago backs just seems foolish and wasteful. The Chicago Sun-Times' Brad Biggs has speculated that Benson will miss the remainder of the season with as-yet-unspecified ankle damage. This makes Peterson a necessary add. He had a touchdown and 86 total yards against the Broncos on Sunday.

There were a few other injuries of note, too …

D.J. Hackett, ankle (again)
Well, Hackett's tenure as a top-20 fantasy receiver didn't last too long. After back-to-back 100-yard receiving efforts and touchdowns in three straight games, Hackett reinjured his right ankle. According to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, "(Mike) Holmgren listed Hackett as the only player injured in the game who might miss some time."

Bobby Engram is still 94.4 percent-owned and Deion Branch is 82.1 percent-owned, so you can't adequately replace Hackett with another Seattle receiver. I'm not willing to recommend Nate Burleson (43.9 percent-owned), not after the debacle of '06. Surely you can get your two catches for 30 yards from someone else.

Marc Bulger, concussion
He was reportedly hospitalized after the game, so you really can't rely on him in Week 13. "We talked a little bit," Scott Linehan told the Rams' website, "and I could tell by looking at him right when he walked off that something was a little different. On the next series he went in and based on how he was acting, we knew he wasn't quite right."

Expect more Gus Frerotte. No, that doesn't sound great, but Carolina would give anything to have Gus Frerotte on their roster right now. The Rams get Atlanta and Cincinnati over the next two weeks, so, in leagues that start two quarterbacks, you can at least consider him.

The following players also sustained injuries in Week 12, but at the moment they seem likely to play in Week 13: Kurt Warner, bruised ribs; Jeff Garcia, bruised back; Steven Jackson, head; Joseph Addai, sprained neck; Donald Driver, ankle sprain.

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