Indy crowd witnesses world record jump

Martin Rogers
Yahoo! Sports

INDIANAPOLIS – Daredevil Tanner Foust thrilled the crowd at the Indianapolis 500 on Sunday by producing a spectacular world record distance jump of 332 feet.

Foust, a renowned stunt driver who also hosts the Top Gear USA television show, launched himself and his Hot Wheels truck off a 10-story high ramp on the Indianapolis Motor Speedway infield.

The 37-year-old Californian hurtled down a specially prepared track before speeding up a 45-degree ramp and taking off into the air. Over the course of just under four seconds he was airborne, covering the length of a football field before touching down well clear of the previous record of 301 feet.

Foust’s jump was part of the Hot Wheels Fearless at the 500 campaign and was witnessed by a string of celebrities and VIPs.

With his identity kept secret until after the jump, Foust was referred to as “The Yellow Driver” and was winched backwards up the ramp before propelling himself forwards at the requisite speed and angle determined by scientists as being necessary for a perfect landing.

Yahoo! Sports had the opportunity to speak to Foust before his jump, when he revealed some of the preparations behind his record attempt.

“The scariest moment was in the preparations,” Foust said. “I was looking at a diagram that had this huge ramp and a tiny speck on it – that speck was the truck.

“You just have to trust the science and try not to think of that fact that if it goes wrong you are basically driving off the side of a 10-story building.

“There was a specific technique and the execution of it was down to me. Too much throttle and the nose of the truck would be too high. Not enough throttle and we would fall short of the ramp and bad things would happen.”

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