In one way, the Tim Tebow Experiment is already a success

Tim Tebow may not have immediately secured an MLB contract after his much-publicized workout Tuesday in Los Angeles but baseball has already helped him earn at least one contract. Yep, even before he crushed a batting-practice home run and didn’t particularly impress with his throwing ability.

When Tebow took the field for his workout he was decked out in Adidas gear, the result of a new endorsement deal with the sportswear giant, which was first reported by ESPN.

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This won’t help quell the cynicism that Tebow’s baseball pursuit is more publicity stunt than honest professional endeavor, even as he’s been very vocal to prove otherwise.

From the Associated Press:

“It’s not about publicity,” Tebow said. “It’s definitely not about money. It’s a pay cut to do this.”

Well, maybe it’s not about the money, but from a pure business standpoint it’s brilliant for both sides. For Adidas they ensured their brand would be visible at what became a TV event during a relatively slow sports time, while Tebow stands to take in some extra cash from the agreement. There isn’t a preexisting relationship here from his football days either, as he entered the NFL as a Nike pitchman. That contract was reported to be worth $300,000. The terms of the Adidas deal have not been disclosed.

Look, the fact that Tebow, a 29-year-old man who hasn’t played baseball in a decade, is even getting this kind of exposure and opportunity isn’t going to sit well with everybody. But he’s become a brand with a legion of followers (and haters) and in a country built on capitalism that’s certainly worth something. In this case a – perhaps futile – attempt to make the major leagues has led to a sponsorship pact.

We don’t know whether Tebow’s next baseball appearance will be with one of the 28 MLB teams that sent scouts to his workout, in Venezuelan winter ball or with a professional independent league team. We do know now, though, that he’ll be wearing Adidas wherever he ends up.

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