Hyun-Jin Ryu sings alongside K-pop stars to raise money for blind students

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We've already seen Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Hyun-Jin Ryu slurping noodles in a TV commercial this offseason. He's obviously making the most of his fame back home in South Korea — where he was already famous before his successful rookie season in MLB.

Ryu's latest offseason adventure? He's singing alongside K-pop stars in two recently released charity songs. They're part of the Ryu-Cube Donation Project, which raises money for Hanbit School for the Blind in Seoul, South Korea. Ryu performs with artists from the popular K-pop label, Cube Entertainment.

Music blog All K Pop shares the tunes, which have very different styles. The first is "Smile Again," an uptempo, contemporary jam where Ryu helps out on the chorus.

The second song is "Small Moon," a motivation ballad that, in its opening, reminded me of Peter Cetera's "Glory of Love" (shout out to "Karate Kid II"). Fittingly, All K Pop writes, the song's purpose is to "give hope and courage to all the youth who are hoping to take after Ryu Hyun Jin's footsteps."

It's a little tougher in this song, with its "We Are the World" vibe, to tell which voice is Ryu's. But you can sway back and forth for the entire five minutes just the same.

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