Hynoski tutoring Wilson so rookie can step up

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All season long, it seems an underlying theme for the Giants has been "next man up," the mantra used whenever a player goes down with an injury.
This week, the battle cry has been issued to rookie running back David Wilson, who will see his role on offense increase following the broken leg sustained by Andre Brown.
A knock against Wilson, however, has been his understanding of the pass blocking assignments. So to make sure the rookie is truly ready to take on that all-important role, fullback Henry Hynoski has taken it upon himself to spend extra time with his teammate to quiz him on the various protection schemes and adjustments.
"Right now he's going to be staying after practice with me for about an hour, hour and a half and we're going to get him ready," Hynoski said.
"I tell him that after practice I want him to have all his protections written down -- who he is assigned to and what the adjustments could be."
And how has Wilson done?
"He's done a pretty good job with it so far," Hynoski said.
"I think I had them all right," added Wilson. "I forgot was to put a protection on there and (Hynoski) reminded me -- I knew what the assignment was, I just didn't put it on the list."
Wilson, who's been patiently waiting his turn to get on the field, knows that in order to do so, he has to earn the trust of his teammates and coaches when it comes to pass blocking. That's why Hynoski is going to make sure that by the time practice is over this week, the rookie out of Virginia Tech knows his assignments backwards and forward.
"I'm going to be extra hard on him this weekend and I know (running backs) Coach (Jerald) Ingram will be too," said Hynoski. "I'm going to be working with him a lot more this week. I already told him to get prepared and set some time after practice."
And that's just fine with Wilson, who is eager to contribute as much as he can.
"You just be prepared so when your chance comes, you're ready. That's what I've been doing, completing the quizzes with Henry, shadowing Andre and Ahmad at practice, and making sure I'm watching them and paying attention," he said.
"All the things you can do to prepare so when it's your turn you can step up without missing a step. Andre played a big role in our offense so in his absence, someone's going to have to definitely step up and coaches told me I'm the next guy, so I've been preparing and hopefully I'll be ready when they call my number."