How was this Wild goal not called back for offside? (Video)


Zach Parise scored his 11th of the season 7:15 into the second period to even things with the Chicago Blackhawks Wednesday night. But Chicago challenged the play, believing there was a missed offside as the Minnesota Wild entered the offensive zone.

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The Blackhawks were correct, yet somehow it was ruled – after a six-minute review – that it was “not conclusive.”

First, take a look at the video for yourself:

Now here’s the explanation from the NHL Situation Room:

Review was not conclusive in determining whether Parise had had tagged up at the instant the puck touched Charlie Coyle‘s stick. According to Rule 78.7, “If a review is not conclusive and/or there is any doubt whatsoever as to whether the call on the ice was correct, the On-Ice Official(s) will be instructed to confirm their original call.”

Can you definitively say that the puck touched Charlie Coyle’s stick as Parise was still trying to tag up at the blue line? You can feel pretty confident that the puck did, but in this case there apparently was no zoom option on the cameras to help the officials decide, so they stayed with the call on the ice, which was it was a good zone entry.

This is now going to lead to a Thursday where there will be plenty of discussion about the replay system and how officials and the NHL can go about getting calls right. Unlike a goalmouth play where a camera could be blocked by bodies or equipment, there was a clear view of the play here, yet no conclusive decision could be made. Time for more cameras? Or, in this case, let’s just eliminate offside altogether.

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Joel Quenneville was interviewed a few minutes later by Pierre McGuire and said he needed a better look at the play before giving his thoughts. Probably a good thing he hadn’t seen it during the period or he would have given the refs another Michael Jackson impression.

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