How frustrated are Bills fans? Someone tossed a sex toy onto the field

Shalise Manza YoungYahoo Sports Columnist
Shutdown Corner

Even in the annals of NFL history, this might be a first: a fan at the Buffalo Bills-New England Patriots game threw a sex toy onto the field.

It happened in the final minutes of the third quarter, at the tail end of a Tom Brady-to-Chris Hogan pass near the end zone. All of a sudden, an object came flying into the frame, near the end zone.

And it brings up so many questions: how did the tossee get the offending phallus into the stadium? Was it hidden in a hoodie or did someone boldly carry it into the building in their NFL-mandated, clear purse?

Is there a reason it was thrown in the direction of Chris Hogan, who left Buffalo for New England in free agency this year?

What was noted fetishist Rex Ryan’s reaction?

Keep in mind, all of this happened not long after New England’s Rob Gronkowski scored his franchise-record 69th touchdown (you know what he means).

Naturally, Gronkowski had a comment about it:

In case you’re wondering, one of the officials had to clear the, ahem, offending debris off the field.

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