Houston fans cheered Brock Osweiler's benching so loudly, his teammates had to quiet them

Shutdown Corner

The Brock Osweiler Experience has been a maddening, frustrating one in Houston. On Sunday in Houston, Osweiler’s rocky ride as the Texans’ quarterback hit a brick wall, as Osweiler was yanked from the game against Jacksonville and replaced with backup Tom Savage.

Houston signed Osweiler in the offseason to a gargantuan $72 million contract, but he has been nothing short of wretched all season long. On Sunday, playing the woeful two-win Jaguars, Osweiler threw two interceptions. That was enough for head coach Bill O’Brien, who gave Osweiler the hook with more than eight minutes remaining in the second quarter.

As Savage entered the game, the Houston crowd unleashed a full-throated cheer. Teammates on the Texans sideline slapped Osweiler on the shoulder pads in encouragement, and in the huddle, Lamar Miller motioned for the bellowing crowd to quiet down.

Savage proceeded to march the Texans 75 yards down to the goal line, where more strangeness awaited. Akeem Hunt proceeded to fumble the ball going across the goal line, and there was no clear indication of which team recovered it. Two plays later, Savage and the Texans fell short on fourth down, but managed to nab a safety on Jacksonville’s ensuing possession. The Tom Savage Extravaganza is off to a suitably weird start.

As for Osweiler, this says it all:

Tom Savage has replaced Brock Osweiler at QB. (Getty)
Tom Savage has replaced Brock Osweiler at QB. (Getty)

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