Horner misses doping test because of hotel mix-up

The Associated Press

MADRID (AP) -- American cyclist Christopher Horner has not officially missed a doping test despite being at the center of a whereabouts mix-up on Monday, the United States Anti-Doping Agency said.

USADA's statement said Horner had provided an update on his whereabouts in advance, but as the information had been emailed to the U.S., an anti-doping control officer in Spain was been informed of the change.

Acting on USADA's instructions, Spain's anti-doping agency tried to perform a routine test on Horner early Monday, only to find the rider was not at the address they had originally been given.

''This is not considered a missed test,'' USADA's statement said.

The RadioShack-Leopard racer, who won the grueling Spanish Vuelta on Sunday, had spent the night at a different hotel than the rest of his team.

After the agency's failed visit, Horner's team released a statement saying the rider had updated his whereabouts with USADA correctly, giving the name of his hotel for the night.

The team included a screenshot of the email reply from USADA which said, ''Your update has been received.''

However, USADA's email also said Horner's communication had been received by an automated computer mail system.

The Spanish agency said it was normal for anti-doping agencies such as USADA to request tests be performed for them by counterpart organizations in other countries.

Horner, the oldest rider to win a grand tour event, will be 42 next month.

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