Hockey team attempts ‘Mean Girls’ Christmas skit, is so fetch (Video)

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There are a few images that are forever entrenched in our minds from the 2004 classic “Mean Girls.” A cogent Lindsay Lohan. Rachel McAdams as a blonde. That scene where the cafeteria turns into a wild safari. Basically everything Amanda Seyfried says. And, of course, the Santa’s Little Helpers Winter Talent Show musical number, set to “Jingle Bell Rock.”

It’s been often imitated, never duplicated, but that didn’t stop members of the South Carolina Stingrays, the Washington Capitals’ ECHL affiliate, from giving it their all as a musical Christmas gift to their fans.


OK, so an effort was made.

We enjoyed the recreation of the CD skipping. We enjoyed the choreographed thigh slap. We marveled at the stone-faced conviction of forward Rob Flick, treating this endeavor with the gravity of Regina George pursuing prom queen.

However, we must detract points for a lack of scantily clad costuming and no one from the coaching staff proudly video taping them like an obsessed Amy Poehler-esque stage mom.

All in all, it was fetch. And yes, we’re trying to making fetch happen and believe, wholeheartedly, that it will.

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