Highlights From Former IU Coach Tom Crean's Appearance On Dan Dakich Show

Stu Jackson, Staff Writer
The Hoosier

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Former Indiana head coach Tom Crean on Wednesday afternoon joined The Dan Dakich Show on 93.5 FM/1070 AM (The Fan), ESPN's Indianapolis radio affiliate, in his first local radio interview since his dismissal. Here's some of the highlights from his conversation with host Dan Dakich, a former IU player and coach:

• Crean said Michigan guard Andrew Dakich and Michigan State guard TumTum Nairn both reached out to him over the last week.

Crean's son, Riley, who is committed to play baseball at Indiana, said he still wants to play there.

Riley, who's currently a senior at Bloomington High School North and graduates in May, wants to coach someday according to Crean. Crean also said while sitting at a Braves-Tigers spring game in Orlando, Florida, with Riley, IU baseball head coach Chris Lemonis called Riley.

"I hope that works out," Crean said. "There's no question there's some challenges, but [Riley] really wants to be good and loves Indiana."

• On declining the meeting with IU Athletics Director Fred Glass, Crean said: "At that point, I knew what the inevitability was and that's not where I wanted to go."

Crean already had the trip to Florida planned with his family and they were scheduled to leave Thursday morning, the same time Crean received a text message from Glass asking to meet.

• Crean took the news of the dismissal hard.

"We found out late [Wednesday] night, and I didn't handle it real well in the house," Crean said. "The kids were sleeping. [My wife] Joani was in bed and she got up, and it just was not a good night."

Crean said if there was something to discuss, he was "all for it," but didn't get impression there was.

There were three years left on the contract, and Crean said his agent wasn't as comfortable with him go through those three years facing a lot of scrutiny while the proverbial hot seat.

"Which I had already made clear that I was already ok with that, because I just am," Crean said.

Crean has not talked to Glass, nor has Glass called him since Crean's firing two weeks ago.

"I don't know if it is [disappointing]," Crean said.

Crean later said he'll never stop praying for Glass and caring for his family.

Crean is still rooting for IU.

"I hope Indiana wins big, I really do."

• On his future, Crean said he wants to be "smart" about the next step in his career.

"I think what I'm trying to do is, there's got to be options. That's the hardest thing in the house right now... You lose something, the life is different."

Still, he made it clear he wants to coach again.

"I ultimately want to coach, there's no doubt about that," Crean said.

• Crean was asked about the decision to attend IU women's basketball game's WNIT quarterfinal game against Villanova in Assembly Hall last week.

He said he would've gone to the next game if the team if they won as well.

"You build relationships with these people, and they don't have to end just because you don't have the position you have anymore," Crean said.

His family still wants him to coach.

Despite some of the events that affected Crean's family, they still want him to coach. He said his son and his wife "definitely do."

Crean said he thinks his daughter, Megan, still wants him to coach despite having to walk by a "Fire Crean" sign on her way to class and the April Fools' joke made a couple of years ago by an IU professor about Crean getting fired in a class Megan was sitting in.

Crean said his faith has helped him "so much."

"These last three years have not been easy," he said.

• Crean said there's no relief from the decision.

"You don't realize the stress you carry but I want that stress," Crean said. "Nobody did me a favor taking that away."

He also emphasized he still wants to coach.

"I want to coach badly," Crean said. "I'd have no trouble getting back on the court today going through individuals."

• Crean wished new IU head coach Archie Miller well.

"Archie Miller's going to do an excellent job," Crean said. "I've known him since he's a teenager... This is his job now, and I want him to do great with those kids. Not good, but great."

You can listen to the full interview here.


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