High Fives: Stellar starts

Yahoo! Sports' trio of fantasy experts will each offer up, on a regular basis, a look at their top five lists dealing with a variety of topics.

This week's topics: Streaking players who will crash to Earth and those who will stay in orbit, starting pitching trios, those TV characters that have most made us laugh and athlete cameos.

Top 5 streaking players you expect to come back down to Earth soon
Brandon Says: Mike Says: Matt Says:
  1. Jon Garland, ChW

    Fifth-best AL run support; facing Seattle, Oakland, Detroit in 4 of 5 starts has helped

  2. Bruce Chen, Bal

    Career ERA in the mid-5.00 range for the months of May and June

  3. Vinny Castilla, Was
  4. Clint Barmes, Col

    Hitting .500 at Coors. You have to assume that number will drop at least 150 points

  5. Dontrelle Willis, Fla
  1. Kenny Rogers, Tex

    "The Gambler" will win some games, but expect ERA and WHIP to be on the rise

  2. Orlando Hernandez, ChW

    That 1.63 WHIP has to catch up to him eventually

  3. Cliff Floyd, NYM

    When's the injury going to hit?

  4. Dontrelle Willis, Fla
  5. Brian Roberts, Bal
  1. Milton Bradley, LAD

    Currently in a 3-for-20 slump. There's also the matter of his sanity

  2. Juan Encarnacion, Fla
  3. Derrick Turnbow, Mil

    Pitching with confidence, but career control problems a concern

  4. Dmitri Young, Det
  5. Dontrelle Willis, Fla
Top 5 early surprises that you feel will be able to stay in orbit
Brandon Says: Mike Says: Matt Says:
  1. Brian Roberts, Bal

    The power fade is a given, but the Runs and SBs should be ample

  2. John Patterson, Was
  3. Brandon Webb, Ari
  4. Brett Myers, Phi

    Strikeouts finally starting to equate with his nasty stuff

  5. Brady Clark, Mil

    Has always been capable, just needed a full-time gig

  1. Brandon Lyon, Ari

    Good ballpark to pitch in and a competitive squad

  2. Carl Everett, ChW
  3. Jason Marquis, StL

    He's off to the same pace that yielded 15 Ws in 2004

  4. Clint Barmes, Col

    No, he won't hit .390, but a full year at Coors says .330 is possible

  5. Erik Bedard, Bal
  1. Cliff Floyd, NYM

    .317, 31, 103 his last injury-free season. Hey, if Fred Taylor can stay healthy …

  2. John Patterson, Was
  3. Gustavo Chacin, Tor

    23 wins in last 27 professional decisions. I'm a believer

  4. Jon Garland, ChW

    Career numbers are mediocre, but he's only 25 and was once rated above Mark Buehrle as a prospect

  5. Erik Bedard, Bal
Top 5 teams with the best pitching trio
Brandon Says: Mike Says: Matt Says:
  1. Florida

    (Beckett, Burnett, Willis)

  2. Houston

    (Oswalt, Clemens, Pettitte)

  3. Chicago Cubs

    (Zambrano, Prior, Maddux)

  4. St. Louis

    (Mulder, Carpenter, Marquis)

  5. Atlanta

    (Hudson, Smoltz, Hampton)

  1. St. Louis

    (Mulder, Carpenter, Marquis)

  2. Florida

    (Willis, Beckett, Burnett)

  3. Houston

    (Clemens, Oswalt, Pettitte)

  4. Atlanta

    (Hudson, Hampton, Thomson)

  5. Chicago White Sox

    (Buehrle, Garland, Garcia)

  1. Atlanta

    (Hudson, Smoltz, Hampton)

  2. Houston

    (Clemens, Oswalt, Pettitte)

  3. Chicago Cubs

    (Zambrano, Prior, Wood)

  4. Florida

    (Willis, Beckett, Burnett)

  5. St. Louis

    (Mulder, Carpenter, Marquis)

Top 5 sitcom characters of the past 25 years
Brandon Says: Mike Says: Matt Says:
  1. Bill McNeal – NewsRadio (Phil Hartman)

    If not for his untimely death in '98, there is no doubt that he'd still be busting my gut. In the words of Bill McNeal, "Good times … good times."

  2. Cosmo Kramer – Seinfeld (Michael Richards)
  3. Johnny Johnson/David Puddy – NewsRadio/Seinfeld (Patrick Warburton)

    I'd watch Girlfriends if Warburton was on it. His smug humor never gets old: "Yeah, that's right."

  4. Dr. Perry Cox – Scrubs (John McGinley)
  5. Cliff Clavin – Cheers (John Ratzenberger)
  1. George Costanza – Seinfeld (Jason Alexander)

    "I am a short, stocky … "

  2. Marie Barone – Everybody Loves Raymond

    Something familiar about her

  3. Dan Fielding – Night Court (John Larroquette)
  4. Cliff Clavin – Cheers (John Ratzenberger)

    Opinions and theories about everything and nothing at the same time

  5. Doug Heffernan – King of Queens (Kevin James)
  1. Coach – Cheers (Nicholas Colasanto)
  2. Frank Costanza – Seinfeld (Jerry Stiller)

    From Kramer to Jackie Chiles, supporting cast made the show

  3. Bill McNeal – NewsRadio (Phil Hartman)
  4. Norm – Cheers (George Wendt)
  5. Dan Fielding – Night Court (John Larroquette)
Top 5 athlete performances on-screen?
Brandon Says: Mike Says: Matt Says:
  1. Xavier McDaniel – Singles

    Only had a few lines, but they were words to live by

  2. Keith Hernandez – Seinfeld
  3. Bob Uecker – Major League
  4. Bernard King – Fast Break

    If you are a hoops fan who hasn't seen Fast Break, it's worth checking it out (if you can find it). You'll get to see King and the rest of his teammates orally ingesting marijuana for fear that they are about to be pulled over by a police officer. Classic scene!

  5. Cam Neely – Dumb and Dumber
  1. Keith Hernandez – Seinfeld

    "I'm Keith Hernandez"

  2. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar – Airplane
  3. Muhammad Ali – Diff'rent Strokes

    "It's me, the Champ." "Joe Louis?"

  4. Reggie Jackson – Naked Gun
  5. Joe Namath – The Brady Bunch

    Insert cheap Carole Brady joke here

  1. Bob Cousy – Blue Chips

    Free throw display was impressive. So was his acting

  2. Keith Hernandez – Seinfeld
  3. Bob Uecker – Major League

    Hall of Fame credentials include "Just a bit outside" and "I must be in the front row."

  4. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar – Airplane

    Set the bar for future athelete cameos

  5. Cam Neely – Dumb and Dumber

Reader response to last week's High Fives
While I am loathe to argue about the order and rankings of the assorted players you were reviewing, anyone who lived through the 80's would know:

1. Caddyshack
2. Fletch
3. Ghostbusters
4. Fast Times at Ridgemont High
5. Breakfast Club

Honorable mention: Die Hard, Back to the Future (first one only), Trading Places, 48 Hours, Princess Bride (funnier than anyone over 12 years old ever expected), and points to Funston for Raising Arizona. – Hugh, Cleveland, OH

I can't believe two of you ladies listed Sleepless in Seattle in the top five Tom Hanks films, but no one listed either Toy Story film. I'm surprised you didn't rank You've Got Mail up there too. Jeez! – John, Palatine, IL

Brandon, I love your pick of Karate Kid as one of your top five non-baseball movies of the 80s. My Yahoo team name every year is Cobra Kai Dojo. I think that, deep down, you really wanted to put this as your No. 1 pick. I understand, though, that you have a rep to protect. "Man who catch fly with chopstick can accomplish anything." (Mr. Miyagi). – Russell, Jericho, NY

Wow, not one mention of The Burbs in (last week's) High Five. I'm absolutely speechless. For shame. – Von, State College, PA

Man, you guys get ragged on a lot. Somebody hates the Adam Jones pick? The guy is tough, fast and can fill multiple needs – has anyone watched the Pats lately? They love guys like Adam Jones. The Titans made a great pick. Antrell Rolle was intriguing because of his size, but "Pac-Man" is a no-brainer. And if the Titans reached, 95 percent of the NFL teams were ready to "reach" right along with them … – Mark, Austin, TX

After reading last week's top five Tom Hanks movies, I wondered: "Why do I ever listen to these guys." Both Brandon and Mike left Saving Private Ryan off of their list, but they each made room for Sleepless In Seattle. I had to ask myself, "Are these the people I really want to be taking fantasy advice from?"
PS – Thanks for all your work. Maybe next week you could list your Top five cars of all-time, or something else macho. – Nate, Ann Arbor, MI

I thought you guys knew your stuff. However, I just read your top five favorite Tom Hanks films and Bachelor Party was only mentioned once, and that ranking was even behind Sleepless in Seattle! My question is, did your girlfriends/wives help select the list? – Mad Dog, Charleston, SC

In response to the "Top 5 favorite (non-baseball) films of the 1980s," good thing it's not Funston and Ebert, because Hollywood would be in serious trouble!

1. The Terminator – Ignited the movie career of one of the biggest celebrities ever (Ahhnold) and spawned one of the most popular scenes/catch-phrases of all time: "Ahhll be back."
2. Top Gun – With the classic scene "You've lost that lovin' feeling," Maverick, Iceman and Co. still remain in one of the most unforgettable movies ever.
3. The Goonies – It's only the greatest kids movie ever. "HEEEY YOOOOU GUUUUYS." (A sequel with the same actors all grown up is in the works).
4. Raiders of the Lost Ark – Snakes. Tombs. Poison darts. Pyramids. Propeller blades. Melting faces. Bad dates. A whip. A scimitar. A boulder. A monkey and some bad dates. Oh yeah, and Indiana Jones, the greatest adventurer of all-time.
5. The Karate Kid – "Wax on, Wax off," and there's nothing more to say. Oh yeah, except "You're the best, around … Nothin's ever gonna keep you down." – Alphonse, South Winsdor, CT

You might not want to rate movies in the future because it makes your readers question your fantasy sports skills.

How do SPORTS writers not mention Chariots of Fire, Hoosiers, or Raging Bull?

As far as non-sports movies, not one of you mentioned Back to the Future, Beverly Hills Cop, Big Chill, Fatal Attraction, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Ghostbusters, Rain Man, or Tootsie. If you're going to include movies from 1990, how about Dances With Wolves? (although, Goodfellas is a great movie.)

Regarding Tom Hanks movies, lose Sleepless in Seattle (a chick flick) and Castaway. The best Hanks flicks: A League of Their Own, Saving Private Ryan, Big, Apollo 13, and a tie between Forrest Gump and Philadelphia – Dan, Green Bay, WI

Top 5 Tom Hanks movies:
1. Forrest Gump
2. The Terminal
3. Cast Away
4. Big
5. A League of Their Own

Top '80s movies:
1. Breakfast Club
2. Back to School
3. Ghostbusters
4. Karate Kid
5. Back to the Future – Chris, El Cajon, CA

On the High Fives column (April 28), none of you three recognized the greatest movie of the 1980's … Scarface! I was also disappointed that nobody listed Airplane. Kudos to Matt for Trading Places. – Reuben, Millbrae, CA

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