High Fives: Feeling a Draft

Yahoo! Sports' trio of fantasy experts will each offer up, on a regular basis, a look at their top five lists dealing with a variety of topics.

This week's topics: Highest five NBA Draft picks, impact rookies, prep-to-pro phenoms, international intrigue and hoops at the movies.

Predict the top 5 selections in the 2005 NBA Draft
Brandon Says: Mike Says: Matt Says:
  1. Andrew Bogut, C

    Aussie is a better version of Luc Longley

  2. Marvin Williams, F

    Talent to develop into a four-position star

  3. Chris Paul, PG

    In my mind, he's in a class above Deron Williams and Raymond Felton at PG

  4. Danny Granger, SF
  5. Gerald Green, SG

    Hard to imagine only one PG in top 5, but trades could make it happen

  1. Andrew Bogut, C

    Everybody loves a big body, and this guy is ready for prime time

  2. Marvin Williams, F

    From sixth man and a title to second pick. He'll be a big-time scorer

  3. Gerald Green, SG
  4. Deron Williams, PG

    Big PG knows how to control an offense and can fill it up. Can't teach heart

  5. Chris Paul, PG
  1. Andrew Bogut, C

    Have to go back to Olowokandi in 1998 to find a less inspiring big man atop the draft

  2. Marvin Williams, F
  3. Gerald Green, SG

    Has been likened to T-Mac; speculation is that Portland will trade this pick

  4. Chris Paul, PG
  5. Deron Williams, PG

    Jason Kidd comparisons end with the jump shot – Williams can make his

Top 5 draft picks who will have the biggest fantasy impact next season
Brandon Says: Mike Says: Matt Says:
  1. Chris Paul
  2. Danny Granger

    Four years of college, versatility, and a feathery touch

  3. Deron Williams

    Cross between Jason Kidd and Andre Miller should play right away

  4. Andrew Bogut
  5. Hakim Warrick

    Gets knocked for thin frame, but he's tough, heady and extremely athletic

  1. Andrew Bogut

    No. 1 on this list due to his center eligibility and shot-blocking prowess

  2. Chris Paul

    Point guards are always at a premium and when they can score as well as dish, they're gold

  3. Antoine Wright
  4. Marvin Williams
  5. Channing Frye

    A big man who can run the floor and excels on the defensive end

  1. Chris Paul

    Sign of the times: Two years in college makes him more NBA-ready than most

  2. Deron Williams
  3. Raymond Felton

    Would step right in as a starter in Utah or Charlotte

  4. Julius Hodge

    Big, versatile guard could will make an immediate impact with the right team

  5. Andrew Bogut
Top 5 high school-to-NBA draft picks of all-time
Brandon Says: Mike Says: Matt Says:
  1. Kevin Garnett

    Give T-Wolves credit for making the pick at a time when the prep-to-pro track record was so sparse

  2. LeBron James
  3. Kobe Bryant

    Give Charlotte credit for picking Kobe at No. 13. Ridicule them for then dealing him to L.A.

  4. Tracy McGrady
  5. Amare Stoudemire

    Gets a slight nod over Seattle's second-round selection of Rashard Lewis and Portland's No. 17 overall selection of Jermaine O'Neal

  1. Kevin Garnett

    What if the Warriors had passed on Joe Smith?

  2. Kobe Bryant
  3. LeBron James

    Marketing gift from the gods in post-Jordan era; lives up to the hype

  4. Rashard Lewis

    Went from 2nd-Round selection to All-Star and 20 ppg

  5. Darryl Dawkins
  1. Kevin Garnett

    Only direct-from-high-school NBAer to win the MVP award. Almost as rare: still with team that drafted him

  2. LeBron James

    May turn out to be best player ever, but by 2003 it didn't take guts to draft him

  3. Kobe Bryant
  4. Amare Stoudemire
  5. Jermaine O'Neal

    Sometimes, you have to be patient: Averaged less than 5 ppg in first four seasons

Top 5 international draft picks of all-time
Brandon Says: Mike Says: Matt Says:
  1. Dirk Nowitzki
  2. Drazen Petrovic

    60th pick in '86 had back-to-back 20-ppg seasons before car accident took his life far too early

  3. Manu Ginobili

    One pick shy of being the Mr. Irrelevant selection of '99 draft

  4. Peja Stojakovic
  5. Vlade Divac

    Great passer for a big man, and nobody has ever mastered the art of the flop like Divac.

  1. Drazen Petrovic

    Alas, his career was cut short, but Petrovic's stardom opened the door for international scouting

  2. Yao Ming

    Like Petrovic above, his entry to the NBA expands the global reach

  3. Dirk Nowitzki
  4. Manu Ginobili

    Crafty guard and 2nd-Round pick had the Spurs battling in first Game 7 in 11 years

  5. Toni Kukoc

    Bulls had to wait for this 2nd-Round pick, but "The Waiter" helped serve up three titles

  1. Drazen Petrovic

    Who knows where his career was headed after back-to-back 20ppg seasons. Will always have a soft spot in my heart for Drazen

  2. Dirk Nowitzki
  3. Peja Stojakovic

    Both he and Nowitzki have some serious playoff demons to exorcise

  4. Manu Ginobili
  5. Sarunas Marciulionis

    6th round pick became crucial cog in explosive Golden State offense. Career 27 pts. per 48 minutes

Top 5 basketball movies of all-time
Brandon Says: Mike Says: Matt Says:
  1. Hoosiers

    I don't wax as poetically about this film as most, but I admit it's the best of an underwhelming genre

  2. Fast Break

    I dig on all the 70's hoops stuff: Fast Break, One On One, Fish That Saved Pittsburgh and, of course, White Shadow

  3. Hoop Dreams
  4. Love and Basketball
  5. White Man Can't Jump

    Certainly far more over the top than pickup-game reality, but it had its fun

  1. Hoosiers

    Now part of American lore. I believe it's required viewing

  2. Rebound

    Made-for-TV movie tells the tale of the man called "the best player the world never knew" – Earl "The Goat" Manigault

  3. Hoop Dreams

    If you didn't root for these guys, check your pulse

  4. White Men Can't Jump

    Playground hustling and smack-talk 101 – a pickup basketball primer

  5. Blue Chips
  1. Hoosiers
  2. Hoop Dreams
  3. Fast Break

    Welcome Back Kotter meets White Shadow meets Just One of the Guys

  4. Blue Chips

    Nick Nolte nails his role as troubled coach; countless cameos fun to track

  5. White Men Can't Jump

    Overrated as a whole, but those scenes that were nailed perfectly capture the essence of playground hoop

Reader response to last week's High Fives
I know you guys can't include everybody in your High Fives categories, but I'm really surprised no female comedians were mentioned this past week. Wanda Sykes is hilarious, and deserves a spot somewhere on those lists. – Jon, Toms River, NJ

When it comes to funny actors, I'd take Jack Black over Will Ferrell any day. I can't believe he didn't make any of the 15 slots. – R.D., Millbrae, CA

How can all three of you have missed Vince Vaughn in your top five funniest currently in show business? – Dennis, Grand Rapids, MI

How can you guys not put Seth MacFarlane in the top 5 funniest people in show business today? He created Family Guy and American Dad, two of the funniest shows on TV today. He's a comedic genius. – Derrick

How could you leave Eddie Griffin out of the top 5 funniest people? He is hilarious … – Justin, Kansas City, KS

Thank you! Finally someone agrees with me that Ray Romano is not funny! Everybody doesn't love this annoying "comedian," and thank you, Mr. Romig, for pointing this out. – Josh, Chicago, IL

Thank you, Matt Romig, for recognizing the absolute brilliance of Curb Your Enthusiasm in your High Fives. Larry David is as good at creating awkward situations as frustratingly-talented Adam Dunn is at going 0-4 with two K's. He is one of the funniest men in TV. – Will, Lake Forest, IL

What about Todd Helton or Adrian Beltre on your most frustrating players list? Some predicted Beltre's fall, but did anyone think Helton would really fall this much? He's been a .300, 25-30 HR guy yearly. – Curt, Lewistown, PA

I'm a little disappointed in your top 5 list of guys who are driving you crazy. How about Todd Helton? The guy bats .340 every year. Right now he is just above .250 with very few Hrs and RBIs. – Ed, Pelham, NY

How could you guys leave Todd Helton out – Top 5 fantasy players that are driving you crazy this season? Every one of his stats is well below his norm. This guy was supposed to be a late first round pick and an absolute steal in the second round. This perennial all-star has done nothing but disappoint and drive me crazy. – Matthew, New York, NY

I am just wondering how Todd Helton could have been left off of the "Top 5 fantasy players that are driving you crazy this season" list. … I would also have to think that Eric Gagne could be on that list. My five would probably be:
1) Carlos Beltran
2) Todd Helton
3) Adrian Beltre
4) Randy Johnson
5) Victor Martinez
– R.J. Los Angeles, CA

Your "Top 5 players driving you crazy" list was disappointing. Jason Lane and Kip Wells? You couldn't have spent much on these guys, and if you did, you deserve what you're getting. Someone you should have put on the list is Derek Lee, since any team that has him didn't draft him expecting this breakout season, but because seven or eight 1B were already taken. It drives me crazy that he is helping out all his lucky owners as much as he is. – Mike, Boston, MA

In regards to the most maddening players of this year in fantasy baseball, I agree whole-heartedly with Victor Martinez. I'm as patient as anybody, especially with an offensive catcher, but his performance this year has been just that – offensive! I finally cut him loose …. I couldn't take it anymore! Kudos on the Adam Dunn choice, also. I love his power but, for crying out loud, he reminds me so much of a modern-day Rob Deer – feast or famine to the extreme! – Columbia, MO

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