Here's WWE with the greatest poll ever: Where is Dean Ambrose right now?

Geno Mrosko
SB Nation

Sometimes the folks at WWE get something so very right it's worth celebrating, no matter how small that something may be. Today, that includes a poll running on the company website at asking where you think Dean Ambrose is right now.

Look at these options:


The beauty of the Dean Ambrose character -- and we can't even be sure he's playing a character at this point and that's equally beautiful -- is that any one of those options is viable. How can it be possible that you could believe Dean is home in bed healing but also believe he's traveling the country solving mysteries an neither would surprise you?

He's a genius.

By the way, the results of the poll as of this writing:


That's 25-percent of the belief he's in bed healing and 18-percent that he's locked in a gas station bathroom plotting making moves. How glorious is that?

Go vote yourself here.

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