Harry Redknapp ditches club suit, but not his wife to help QPR’s luck

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Harry Redknapp was supposed to be QPR's savior this season. Instead, relegation seems likely after three straight matches without a win and only six left to play. So desperate times call for desperate measures. Like throwing away a suit and and tie with the club's crest on them. And yes, he knows that sounds crazy.

From The Mirror:

“I ditched my club suit this weekend, and my club tie.

“I’ve stayed with the wife after 45 years, I really don’t want to ditch her, she’s the best thing in my life.

“After that I’ve ditched everything else.

“It’s stupid. When I was at Bournemouth I had a club suit and I think we went about 26 games unbeaten and it used to walk to the ground on its own.

“I wore it every week - same shirt, suit, shoes and tie.

“It’s silly, isn’t it? What does it have to do with anyone scoring a goal? Nothing.

“If you win you wear the suit the next week and if you lose then it’s the suit’s fault. It’s crazy.”

After all the players they've bought in and all the money they've spent to try and hang on to their spot in the Premier League, superstition might be the only option they have left. Aside from, you know, astute tactics and actually playing well.

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