Harbaughs still have not talked since Super Bowl

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John and Jim Harbaugh spoke following the end of Super Bowl XLVII on Sunday after Baltimore defeated San Francisco, 34-31.
Jim Harbaugh, coach of the 49ers congratulated his brother John for the Ravens' victory saying, "I'm proud of you" during the postgame handshake.
Appearing on the "Late Show with David Letterman" on Thursday, John Harbaugh told Letterman the two brothers have not spoken since meeting on the field after Sunday's game.
"We have not had a conversation since. We will ? soon," Harbaugh said.
Harbaugh told Letterman he wasn't sure when the two would actually talk, but one this is for certain, the Super Bowl winning Harbaugh will not be consoling the Super Bowl losing Harbaugh.
"There's no way that you console your brother," Harbaugh said. "Anybody that has a brother knows that. You don't console your brother, it doesn't work," he said, adding that he hopes the two will talk before the NFL Combine takes place in two weeks.

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