Happy Hour: Monday blues

Jay Hart

In case you haven't noticed, Watkins Glen produces as many horrific wrecks at Talladega and Daytona.

Let's get to the mailbag:

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Thoughts from The Glen

Mr. Hart: I am by no stretch of the imagination a Jeff Gordon fan, but I was really concerned for him during that nasty crash at the Glenn on Monday. A testament to the safety of the COT (read Today) of which I'm not a big fan either, but you have to give the devil his due. The sucker is safe.

Having said that, even Jeff Gordon himself admitted that the crash was nasty and 'Didn't do my back any good.' The man has accomplished just about everything you can in our sport. Don't you think it's time he hangs it up before he does potentially serious and/or permanent damage to himself? After all, he's a Daddy now. What's your take?

Ross Jackson
Longview, Texas


Jeff Gordon's car was demolished after his wreck involving Sam Hornish Jr. and Jeff Burton.


No one has been involved in more bad crashes over the last few years than Gordon. Still, there's no reason to believe that he is more susceptible to a bad wreck than anyone else. Rather, he's either been in the wrong place (Las Vegas in 2008 and Watkins Glen on Monday) or had his brakes fail at the wrong time (Pocono in 2007).

Obviously he has more to think about these days than just himself. But when it comes to athletes hanging it up, I've always been of the opinion that they only get one shot at it, so no one should be telling them when to retire.

The Brett Favre saga was annoying, but if he still had the itch to play, I wouldn't have a problem with it, even if that means tarnishing a legacy. After all, it's his legacy, not ours.

Gordon has said he wants to race long enough for his daughter to understand what her daddy does for a living. If that means racing another five years, I'm good with that.

If they can start the race on noon Monday, then why in h--- can't they start it at noon on Sunday? They could have had most of it in. It seems as though NASCAR was waiting for the rain. Money, money, money.

Mike P.
Albion, N.Y.

I haven't been one of those who has a problem with NASCAR's start times, mostly because I don't think it will matter when it comes to weather. Sure they could have gotten in part of the race Sunday, but undoubtedly that would have led some to complain that NASCAR didn't get in the entire race.

I've also tried coming up with a good argument why NASCAR should have set start times, like the NFL, but I can't make a good one. For starters, more games allow the NFL more flexibility. They can start East Coast games at noon local time, West Coast games at 1 p.m. local time. NASCAR doesn't have that option because it's only in one place.

For the most part, NASCAR races do start around the same time – 17 races this season were or are scheduled to start around 2 p.m. ET – except when the races are on the West Coast or are run under the lights.

Ultimately when it comes to weather, the starting time of a race doesn't really matter. It's when the weather arrives that dictates everything.

This and that

Tho I'm not a big Kyle Busch fan, I don't think the race for the championship will be as exciting without him. Like him or not, he does put some excitement back into NASCAR.


Heading to Michigan, Kyle Busch is 58 points backs of Matt Kenseth in 12th place in the standings.


Bill Pless
Jacksonville, Fla.

Couldn't agree with you more. Not only do I think NASCAR needs KyBusch in the Chase; it needs him running up front. Kyle has a knack for making things interesting, but he can't do that running 20th.

I'm tired of hearing everybody wanting to change the Chase format. The trouble is that each year it is a different group who complains and it is based upon the fact that their driver isn't getting in. Somebody is crying that if they would just make this change or that change, so-and-so would be in the Chase instead of Jeff Gordon (everybody's favorite target).

I accept the fact the championship needs a few tweaks to make it interesting, but let's just settle on a format and leave it that way. If your driver doesn't make it this year, then live with it. There is always next year.

Gene Adams
Bowie, Md.

Jay, I've been watching NASCAR races for over 40 years and I think they have struck gold with the double file restarts.

Steve Drill
Leesburg, Va.

Let's give NASCAR credit for this one. Fans criticize NASCAR for the Lucky Dog, the top-35 rule, rainouts and Caddyshack 2. But they got it right with double-file restarts. Here's a question for you: When was the last time NASCAR was given credit for anything?

Last call …

How about we rename the "start and parks?" I was thinking something like The NASCAR Zero Emissions Environmental Initiative.

Trent Ross
Bethesda, Md.

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