Hanley Ramirez found the best way to celebrate Easter

There aren’t too many ways for baseball players to show their Easter spirit.

Unless you stash Peeps in the dugout, it’s not like players can wear pastel colored jerseys or hunt for eggs in the outfield. Bunny ears don’t look good on a baseball cap, and while MLB commissioner Rob Manfred is pretty laid-back, we’re not sure he’d let players test that style out anyways.

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So what’s a professional ballplayer to do with such limited options?

That’s the question Boston Red Sox designated hitter Hanley Ramirez had to ask himself before taking the field for Sunday’s matinee with Tampa Bay.

His solution was pretty spectacular.

He drew rabbit whiskers with his eye black!

That sort of genius is exactly what you come to expect from a veteran player on a championship-caliber team.

What pitcher is going to stare down a man with bunny features on his face and not get intimidated?

Perhaps it’s no surprise then that Ramirez went two-for-three at the plate with one walk against the Rays in a 7-5 victory for the Red Sox.

Hanley Ramirez went two-for-three at the plate with on walk on Sunday (AP Photo/Michael Dwyer).
Hanley Ramirez went two-for-three at the plate with on walk on Sunday (AP Photo/Michael Dwyer).

Baseball players are famously superstitious so we can only hope Ramirez returned to the clubhouse after the game and announced to his teammates that he was going to wear the rabbit whiskers until his hot streak cooled off.

What player will tell him not to? And before you bring up how Chris Sale tends to deal with changes to player appearance, remember that Boston already acknowledges the Panda playing third base.

Do you, Hanley.

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