Hamilton: Wife had to call security on Rangers fans

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Los Angeles Angels outfielder Josh Hamilton told reporters Saturday that his wife, Katie, had to call security from her seat at the Ballpark in Arlington before Friday's game against the Texas Rangers.
"People were being ugly, not necessarily (just) booing," Hamilton said. "They were being inappropriate with kids around. And that was before the game even started."
Hamilton starred for the Rangers before signing with the Angels as a free agent in the offseason. His tenure with the Rangers ended on a bad note as fans booed him at the end of the season as he struggled at the plate and the team lost the division lead during the final weekend.
Security guards were stationed in the area of the stands where his wife and four children sat on Friday. No other incidents occurred.
"It was a good lesson for the kids," Hamilton said. "People in general. Don't put your faith in man. Put your faith in the Man upstairs."
Hamilton said his children were not affected after the game.
"It's cool," he said. "They weren't upset when I got home. They kissed me and hugged me."
He said they would attend Saturday's game as well.

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