GT-R Nismo Will Be the Fastest Nissan Ever Built

Jeff Perez

…and that’s a lot of noise to back up, considering the GT-R has been one of the most sought after supercars on the planet since its introduction back in 2007. But what will make this super-GT-R that much more “super” than the current generation, you ask? How about a 7:18 lap around the Nurburgring. Yup, that should do it.

Coming off news only a few months ago of an official Nismo GT-R release, Nissan told that the upcoming high-spec GT-R should be “the hardest GT-R ever,” and that the it will indeed be very very “special.”

Nissan GT-R Nismo GT3

Details are still slim at this point, but we can say that it will most definitely outpower the current 545-hp GT-R with somewhere in the market of “more than 570hp.” We also expect a few tweaks to aerodynamics, suspension, transmission, etc., that should make this super-GT-R just that much more “special” when it’s unveiled.

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