Grove downs Tanner; Sadollah TUF king

Kevin Iole
Yahoo! Sports

LAS VEGAS – Complete results from the Ultimate Fighter 7 finale at the Pearl at the Palms Theater:

Main event
Middleweights: Kendall Grove (9-5) def. Evan Tanner (32-8)
Judges' scores: 29-28 for Tanner, 30-26, 30-26 for Grove
Yahoo! Sports score: 30-27 for Grove
Key moment: Grove blistered Tanner with a knee in the first that wobbled the former middleweight champion badly.
Analysis: Grove dominated the veteran in all aspects, battering Tanner on the feet and in the clinch. He landed knees, kicks, elbows and punches in a dominating performance.

Ultimate Fighter 7 finale
Middleweights: Amir Sadollah (2-0) def. C.B. Dollaway (6-2)
How: Submission via armbar at 3:02 of the first round.
Key moment: Sadollah kept his composure and slapped an armbar on while taking big shots from Dollaway, who had side control.
Analysis: Sadollah was taken down quickly, but did exactly what he had done during the filming of the reality show. Sadollah took the big shots from Dollaway and managed to find a way to put on the armbar. Dollaway protested that he didn't tap, but replays indicated he tapped one time. Sadollah won "The Ultimate Fighter" competition and the UFC contract that comes with it.

Welterweights: Diego Sanchez (21-2) def. Luigi Fioravanti (12-4)
How: TKO via strikes at 4:07 of the third round.
Key moment: Sanchez landed a left kick to the head and then a right knee.
Analysis: Sanchez was impressive in what was essentially a kickboxing match. The fight was primarily a battle on the feet and Sanchez got the better of most of the exchanges. He was largely unable to take Fioravanti down, because Fioravanti had excellent takedown defense, but Sanchez beat Fioravanti at his own game.

Lightweights: Spencer Fisher (21-4) def. Jeremy Stephens (13-3)
Judges' scores: 29-28, 29-28, 29-28 for Fisher
Yahoo! Sports score: 29-28 for Fisher
Key moment: Fisher managed to escape a choke in the middle of the final round.
Analysis: Fisher was able to blunt Stephens' offense for most of the fight. Fisher was slightly busier and that led to the victory.

Middleweights: Matthew Riddle (1-0) def. Dante Rivera (10-3)
Judges' scores: 30-27, 30-27, 29-28 for Riddle
Yahoo! Sports score: 30-27 for Riddle
Key moment: Riddle was able to take Rivera down near the end of the second round and nearly had a submission.
Analysis: The worst fight on the card to this point. Neither man did much other than stand against the fence and clinch with each other. Riddle did slightly more and pulled out the desultory win.

A scheduled middleweight match between Cale Yarbrough and Tim Credeur was canceled by the Nevada State Athletic Commission when Credeur's pre-fight drug test showed evidence of Adderall, a banned prescription drug.

Welterweights: Dustin Hazelett (11-4) def. Josh Burkman (9-6)
How: Armbar submission at 4:46 of the second round.
Key moment: Hazelett was able to recover after taking a beating from Burkman in the first three minutes of the round.
Analysis: Hazelett's submission skills were on display throughout, but he had a tough battle with Burkman, whose strikes and slams made him competitive throughout. Hazelett took advantage when Burkman left his arm dangling and pulled off one of the most impressive arm bars in a long time.

Middleweights: Drew McFedries (7-3) def. Marvin Eastman (15-8-1)
How: TKO via strikes at 1:08 of the first round.
Key moment: McFedries landed a blistering straight right hand that badly wobbled Eastman.
Analysis: McFedries controlled the fight with a series of right hands, nearly all of which hurt Eastman. Eastman had the advantage in the bout's opening seconds, but as soon as McFedries landed a clean shot that it turned the bout around.

Welterweights: Matt Brown (7-6) def. Matt Arroyo (3-2)
How: TKO via strikes at 3:40 of the second round
Key moment: A submission specialist, Arroyo was in control of the first part of the first, even as they fought on their feet. But once Brown hit Arroyo with a straight right, Brown was in command the rest of the way.
Analysis: Brown moved down to welterweight and seemed more powerful than he had during The Ultimate Fighter at 185. He was hurting Arroyo with every shot he threw. He pummeled Arroyo, using a series of elbows to force the stoppage.

Middleweights: Dean Lister (11-5) def. Jeremy Horn (79-18-5)
How: Guillotine choke submission at 3:52 of the first round.
Key moment: Lister landed a three-punch combination that hurt Horn and put him in position to get the fight to the mat.
Analysis: The fight was a battle of two of the sport's best submission fighters. Horn showed his regard for Lister's ground game by declining to go to the ground several times when Lister gave him the opportunity. Lister was lightning quick in slapping on the choke when he had the chance.

Middleweights: Rob Kimmons (21-3) def. Rob Yundt (6-2)
How: Guillotine choke submission at 3:58 of the first round.
Key moment: Kimmons got in guard and quickly moved to land the choke.
Analysis: Kimmons showed superb submission skills and worked from one to the other until he was able to find a way to end the bout.

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