The Grier-Sills connection

Keenan Cummings, Senior Writer
WV Sports

It all started with a text.

When David Sills enrolled at West Virginia in January he immediately took to his phone in order to send a text message to Florida transfer quarterback Will Grier.

“I’m ready to work,” it read.

And so they did.

Grier and Sills immediately started working together on their timing and getting on the same page in the offense. And when push came to shove it was Sills that was the benefactor of Grier spreading the ball.

That work was evident in the annual Gold-Blue game where Grier looked for Sills early and often to the tune of six catches for 96 yards, both game-high marks.

It was a connection that looked like it had been in place for a long time but is only in its relative infancy compared to some of the other connections across the college football landscape.

“I was pleased with that. It seemed like they’ve been throwing to each other for a long time how comfortable they are,” offensive coordinator Jake Spavital said.

Even more impressive is the fact it was the first time that Sills had played outside wide receiver this spring after lining up on the inside for the majority of the spring. It’s a bond that has been formed in large part because Sills has a strong understand of the quarterback position already.

And he should because he was one for the majority of his career.

“It’s hard to put into words how much it helps if I see a safety rolling over the top of me I know Will’s seeing it and he knows I’m seeing it so I know where to go and he knows where to go,” Sills said.

It’s something that Sills hopes eventually is at the level of some of the more impressive hookups in the college game where quarterbacks know where the receiver is going to be before he breaks and the ball is there before the initial move is made.

It’s almost impossible to defend when executed perfectly.

The goal is now for the two to continue to cultivate this connection over the summer and put themselves in position to take that next leap by the time the season opens in September.

“Hopefully that will continue to improve,” Spavital said.

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