Good morning, be careful there is ice everywhere!

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Lots of buckets laying around Good Morning It's Basketball on Monday.


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Good morning. Let's basketball.

FOR BROW AND COUNTRY: Anthony Davis and Derrick Rose led Team USA past Brazil in Saturday's warm-up. Kenneth Faried made a darn good case for himself. The important thing: even after Paul George's injury and a scare for DeMarcus CousinsRicky O'Donnell writes that Team USA isn't playing scared.

Speaking of Paul George, he talked to the media on Friday and vowed to come back strongerHe also made a huge donation of new, numerically obsolete jerseys to his old high school.

WHO WHAT WHEN WHERE KAWHI: Very interesting analysis of when the Spurs might sign Kawhi Leonard and what the potential retirements of Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobili have to do with it.

Meanwhile, here's what Kawhi did with the O'Brien on its whirlwind tour of the world.

HE CHOOSES THE CAVS: Shawn Marion to Cleveland.

DEANDRE CASH MONEY: Zach Harper on what it means that DeAndre Jordan is in a contract year.

ON TYSON: Rob Mahoney on the impact of Tyson Chandler in Dallas.

TODAY IN ICE BUCKET CHALLENGES: LeBron did it on a boat and nominated the President. Dikembe Mutombo did it and made the world glow. Team USA did it, killing several birds with one stone.

POWER COUPLE: Brittney Griner got engaged to fellow WNBA star Glory Johnson over the weekend. It's going to be very interesting to see a married couple play against each other.

HOLY HECK: A stunning LED court named in Kobe's honor in China.

#QU33NCITY: Stephen Curry talks about wanting to play in his hometown, Charlotte. Stingers up!

A TRIO FROM THE GREY LADY: A New York Times Styles piece declares millennials to be Generation Nice and cite LeBron as an example. A profile of LeBron's agent Rich Paul. A big NYT Magazine profile of new players' union boss Michele Roberts.

THE TEBOW CHRONICLES: It's not basketball, but the brilliant Jon Bois has written a book you can read for free. You know how funny Jon Bois is, and you can appreciate the potential of the source material: Tim Tebow in the CFL. Please enjoy THE TIM TEBOW CFL CHRONICLES.

Happy Monday. See you next time.


Get news, links and Ziller's #hottakes in your inbox every weekday morning.

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