Gomez taking control of Brewers' centerfield job

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Brewers manager Ron Roenicke has done a balancing act in center field and right field for much of the
Roenicke has been alternating Carlos Gomez and Nyjer Morgan in center. Norichika Aoki was in the picture
as well earlier in the season before moving to right field on a regular basis after Corey Hart was moved to
first base on what has become a permanent basis.
Gomez, a right-handed hitter, once played only against lefties, with left-handed-hitting Morgan starting
against right-handers. But Morgan has struggled offensively most of the season (.232 average entering
Sunday night) and Gomez has fared better than in past seasons, so he has taken away much of the playing
"As long as he keeps playing the way he is, we're going to try to play him more than we have in the
past," said Ron Roenicke. "He keeps showing you those exciting tools. Hopefully, he puts it together. We
really like him; we like his energy, the way he plays out there. He can do some exciting things."
Gomez earned co-National League Player of the Week honors last week by batting .346 with four home runs,
10 RBI and 10 runs scored. After going 1-for-3 with a double and a walk Sunday night in a 3-0 loss in St.
Louis, he was batting .258 -- 15 points higher than his career average entering the season.
"You guys know what Carlos' upside is," Roenicke told reporters earlier in the week. "We know what Nyjer
is. Last year, he was a great player for us; we loved having him out there. The same thing -- energy. But
he played great. He played good defense. He hit the ball; he ran the bases well. He did everything you'd
want for a team.
"Lately, I haven't put him in there enough to really complement his game. And I'm not sure that I will.
We'll have to see how it goes. But it always makes it tough on a player like him, who had a great year last
year. He's trying to get it back and finish with a great year this year, and he' s not in there a lot. You
can't get it back when you're not playing regularly.
"When we first got him, we were in need of a guy who could go out there and play center field with
'Gomey.' Then he ends up playing right field when Corey goes down. And we needed that from him. But Carlos
is a type guy with so much upside that if he does get it together, there's a guy that you're going to want
for a lot of years."

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