Golfer tries to hit ball on frozen pond, and it goes how you'd expect

Devil Ball Golf
Yup, this is going where you think.
Yup, this is going where you think.

We typically cover pro golf here at the ole Devil Ball Golf. But there’s no pro golf going on right now. And it’s that time of year where the brave weekend warrior gets a little desperate and plays golf in some outrageous conditions.

That’s where we pick up this story that also doubles as a public service announcement.

The video available picks up with a golfer already standing on a frozen pond on a golf course. We’re not sure if the person in question hit their ball their, and they’re motivated by the rules-hawk notion of playing the ball where it lies, or if they’ve staged this whole thing (more likely). Either way, the golfer is standing on the frozen pond, addressing the ball for a shot. As he prepares to swing, his foot slips and he misses about a foot behind the ball. Naturally, the force of the club cracks the ice a little bit. Then the golfer loses balance, falls on their back, shattering through the ice with the weight of their body, landing in the cold, cold water.

Again, no idea if this thing was staged to get a laugh or not. And if it was, well, we’re paying it off because that’s some Looney Tunes stuff just to get Instagram views.

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