Golfer drops out of U.S. Open qualifying after airline loses his clubs

Michael Buttacavoli. (Getty file photo)
Michael Buttacavoli. (Getty file photo)

Michael Buttacavoli suffered every golfer’s nightmare on Monday: a tee time but no clubs. What’s worse, far worse, is that Buttacavoli was trying to qualify for the U.S. Open, and now has to surrender a chance at playing in America’s most open major because of—wait for it—an airline’s mistake.

Yep, the Year of Airline Nightmares continues. Buttacavoli was flying to play at the Jupiter Hills Golf Club in Tequesta, Fla. He arrived; his clubs did not.

American Air tried to solve the problem, but too little, too late:

Then followed a strange couple of tweets, when American indicated it had not planned this for Buttacavoli (does it plan to lose bags for anyone?) and an understandably agitated Buttacavoli decried the airline’s “PC” approach:

Of course, fellow golfer Zac Blair offered up a very good question: why not snag some rental sticks?

Regardless, it’s an infuriating situation, and Buttacavoli will get all the sympathy in the world for being on the wrong end of an airline mistake.

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