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Contrarian views are nothing new for Paul Azinger, who in this week's edition of the Zinger's Corner podcast offers counter arguments on two topics in the news: pace of play and performance enhancing drugs. In his chat with Golf World editor-in-chief Jaime Diaz, Azinger isn't sure assessing players penalty strokes for slow play will address the problem--and it actually might create other issues. Meanwhile, Azinger questions what substances on the list of PEDs that the PGA Tour prohibits are proven to lower scores on the course and whether the list needs to be better tailored for golf. "In 1993 I had cancer in my right shoulder," he said, "and I couldn't put my scorecard in my back pocket most of the year. But because of Advil, an anti-inflammatory, I was able to play every day. How is that not a performance enhancing drug? Yet it's still legal." Azinger also tips is cap to Phil Mickelson and his performance at TPC Scottsdale while applauding the Phoenix crowds for making it a tournament worth watching.

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