Golf course gator shocks golfers carrying enormous fish in its mouth

At this point, stories of giant alligators on golf courses have become a little passe. There are some massive, prehistoric-looking beasts on Florida golf courses, and they sometimes like to get a little exercise on the links. However, those gators are usually walking from Point A to Point B with nothing in tow. This story is a little different.

Norma Respess was playing golf Seven Springs Golf and Country Club when she spotted an alligator carrying a fish of almost the same size across a cart path.

This gator is pretty scary. (Getty Images)
This gator is pretty scary. (Getty Images)

The golfers had paused their rounds, watching in awe as the gator took its meal toward the water, where it would scarf down on the fish.

“That’s amazing, I’ve never seen that before,” Respess said, according to Fox 13.

Just remember, there’s a lot more to see on a golf course than the golf ball and the pretty scenery. Sometimes, a nature documentary unfolds before your eyes.

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