Going Green in Seattle This Weekend

Seattle Skyline
Seattle Skyline

Or, what better place to “wear the green” than the Emerald City? The other day I was riding shotgun on southbound I-5 somewhere between Mercer and the Convention Center. I looked casually to my right and noticed (not for the first time) how many giant cranes are set up around the city, busy at the task of building difficult-to-afford condos and apartments. Just a brief count of the cranes I could see from my vantage point on the freeway came to about fourteen. Bumper-to-bumper traffic is becoming the norm on a Sunday afternoon. This city is booming. I feel lucky to live in an old one-bedroom with an absentee landlord who trades his lack of interest in the issues pertaining to the apartment for cheaper rent. Stay away, landlord. I’ll sort out the apartment’s moisture problems on my own, just keep keeping my rent low. Thank you.


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So, why do so many people want to move into the great city of mine, messing up the traffic everywhere? Could it be because of the lively St. Patrick’s Day festivities? After all, there are a ton of places to go celebrate the holiday in all it’s green and drunken glory. I could chronicle all the various happenings around town in honor of the hallowed day, but that would be perhaps a little above my pay grade. So I’ll highlight just a few that stand out to me.

Start your St. Paddies Day off the right way with a Guinness chugging race at 6:20am at the Ballard Loft. You don’t have to chug a beer either, you can casually sip your Guinness and enjoy the free breakfast provided. If you do decide to participate, and you win, expect to have your name engraved onto a trophy, and get $2 off Guinness all year. For all the rest of the participants, joining in the 6:20 toast will earn you $2 off Guinness all day, but you have to be present at the toast!

Follow that toast up with a 9am visit to Kells Irish Pub for a hearty Irish breakfast, then stay for traditional Irish music from STOCIOUS, Buck’s Mad Boys, the Stout Pounders, Servants of the Rich, and Liam Gallagher. $20 cover includes a tee shirt to mark the occasion.

Swing into Fado Irish Pub for your St. Paddies Day whiskey where you’re also likely to encounter free gifts, amazing food, live music and plenty of craic. (I had to look it up, and instead of spoon-feeding the answers to you, I encourage you to ask Siri.)

If you walk blindfolded into the night on Friday, be prepared to run into a St. Patricks celebration.

There’s lot’s of other things going on that might be worth checking out, like The Moisture Festival at the Hale’s Palladium and Broadway Performance Hall. Clowns, comedians, tight wire, aerialists, juggling, singing, there’s going to be something there that will tickle your fancy bone. Aside from the spectacular variety on display, you can also take part in workshops. For instance, Iman Lizarazu and Avner the Eccentric are offering a 4 hour workshop called “Introduction to Eccentric Performing”. How could something like this possibly go wrong? The Moisture Fest runs from 3/16 thru 4/9 and is $20 advance, $30 at the door. The workshop mentioned here will run you $40, takes place at West of Lenin in Fremont this Saturday the 18th from 11am-3pm.

Saturday night at The Paramount features Sarah Koenig and Julie Snyder, the co-creators of the popular podcast Serial. They’re going to be talking about producing their podcast, as well as talk about the in’s and out’s of this new form of modern story telling. Tickets are $25-$96. VIP tickets are available for $100 which includes a pre-show yet and greet reception.

Start your Sunday off limber with Yoga Under Glass at the Chihuly Glass museum in the Glasshouse. Local yoga instructors will be leading this appropriate-for-all-levels workshop in perhaps the most striking places to be doing yoga in the whole city. $22.

Sunday afternoon might be a good opportunity to check out 70 middle schoolers competing in the regional spelling bee. I never did well in spelling bees when I was in school, so I have nothing but mad respect for these wiz kids. This year’s moderator will be historian, journalist and KIRO host and producer Felids Banal. 3/19 1pm at Town Hall, free.

Finally finish off your weekend with Bradford Loomis and Lowlands at the Triple Door for both band’s album release parties. I’ve seen Lowlands before and know they put on a great show. I also designed the artwork for their new album, so it’s gotta be great! 7:30 at the Triple Door, $15.

And that, dear friends, is doing St. Patrick proud in the Emerald City.,.

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