‘Glow in the Dark’ Lamborghini Seized by London Police [UPDATE] [w/video]

Jeff Perez

Wealthy Qatari families have been known to own some of the most exotic and highly-customized rides on the planet. 24-year-old Nassar Al-Thani– a member of Qatar’s ruling family– is no exception.

Taking his “glow in the dark” purple-and-orange-chrome Lamborghini Aventador out for a spin recently, he ran into some trouble with the London PD when they noticed that his front license plate was missing. Delving a bit deeper into the issue, they also found out that Al-Thani was driving without a license or insurance.

Lamborghini Aventador
Lamborghini Aventador

The jaw-dropping Aventador was fully done up with a Liberty Walk LB Performance body kit (straight from Japan) and a custom set of ADV.1 wheels. The ride was later whisked away by police on a flatbed, and a we assume a hefty fine was dished out.

VIDEOS: See more of the Liberty Walk LB Performance Lamborghini Aventador


Here’s an official video of the car being seized by police:

Hat tip to @th3ua3!

Source: SWNS.com

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