Gisele Bundchen walks at Olympic Opening Ceremony, does not get mugged

Henry Bushnell
Fourth-Place Medal

Gisele Bundchen’s appearance at the 2016 Olympic Opening Ceremony was a lot less eventful than many expected.

Reports earlier in the week indicated that Bundchen would get mugged as part of the Ceremony. According to AFP, Brazilian newspaper O Dia wrote that after a kid would approach Bundchen, he would be seized by police, “And, like in a film with a happy ending, Gisele embraces the assailant and everyone celebrates,” O Dia wrote. “This seems like a strange homage to Rio.”

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However, the Brazilian supermodel’s sole role was to walk across the floor of the stadium in a gold dress… And walk some more… And some more. There was no mugging.

Bundchen walked to the classic Brazilian hit song “The Girl from Ipanema.”

Bundchen’s walk then led into a dance performance on colorful elevated blocks, representing Brazil’s favelas. Bundchen presumably exited while the camera was on the dancers.

Later, however, Bundchen was captured dancing the night away amongst the crowd:

Here are more pictures of Bundchen’s walk with a spotlight following her:

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