Gisele Bundchen to be 'mugged' in Opening Ceremony, per reports

Gisele Bundchen’s role in the Opening Ceremony of the Olympics has been tightly under wraps, but witnesses of dress rehearsals told media in Brazil that the supermodel is featured in a scene that shows her getting robbed.

Brazil’s UOL first reported Bundchen’s scene will feature her being “approached by an actor on the scene that resembled a robbery,” via a Google translation of the report originally written in Portuguese.

Some are not happy with Gisele Bundchen's reported role in the Olympics Opening Ceremony. (Getty)
Some are not happy with Gisele Bundchen’s reported role in the Olympics Opening Ceremony. (Getty)

O Dia, a newspaper in Brazil, and Folha Daily also spoke to witnesses of the dress rehearsal who corroborated the claim that Bundchen is mugged in the scene.

“Suddenly two police seize the kid and, like in a film with a happy ending, Gisele embraces the assailant and everyone celebrates,” O Dia wrote, according to AFP. “This seems like a strange homage to Rio.”

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According to O Dia, cast members set to perform in the Opening Ceremony have complained about the scene and hope that it will be removed.

Olympic ceremonies typically attempt to show off the highlights of a country to the world, so the decision to depict a robbery in the Opening Ceremony is one that has raised eyebrows. Even if the end result and theme is one of peace, crime in Rio de Janeiro has been a frequent topic of conversation before the Summer Games, so it’s a interesting decision to put a spotlight on it.

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During a fire evacuation on Friday, Australian athletes say laptops were stolen from their hotel and a Chinese hurdler said his belongings were taken by a thief pretending to be drunk.

Bundchen, 36, is one of many Brazilian models to reach international fame. Alessandra Ambrosio and Adriana Lima also found success through Victoria’s Secret and will join NBC’s coverage team for the Rio Olympics.

The Opening Ceremony will be televised on NBC on a one-hour delay with coverage beginning at 8 p.m. EST.