Gio Gonzalez: Linked to Miami Drug Clinic Staff

Update: Gonzalez is on a list of players that were supplied performance-enhancing drugs by a Miami clinic, the Miami New Times reports. However, Gonzalez's father, Max, is also listed in the records and denies his son purchased performance-enhancing drugs. "My son works very, very hard, and he's as clean as apple pie," he said.

Recommendation: Gonzalez's name appears five times in the records of the firm's chief, Anthony Bosch, including an order for Aminorip (a muscle-building protein). However, Gonzalez's name also appears in conjunction with his father, so it's unclear what, if any, orders were made for the pitcher. It's not clear if MLB will investigate Gonzalez and any investigation may take considerable time, but Gonzalez has some risk of a suspension in 2013 if it turns out his purchases included banned PEDs.

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