Giants' Umenyiora defends Warner for comments

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The SportsXchange

For once, a defensive player doesn't want to destroy a quarterback.
New York Giants defensive end Osi Umenyiora backed retired quarterback Kurt Warner for his stance that he preferred for his sons to not play football.
Umenyiora tweeted his support for Warner on Tuesday and agreed that football may be too dangerous for kids, and added that former Giant wide receiver Amani Toomer was "dead wrong" for attacking Warner for his beliefs.
"Kurt Warner is Right to think how he is thinking about his kids and football," Umenyiora tweeted. "It's an awesome game and has done a lot for me, but i know when im 45 there is a strong chance il be in a wheelchair. If i can avoid that for my son, i will. But if he wants to play i won't stop him."
Warner, who retired after the 2009 season, has been criticized for his comments by Toomer and other former players. But Umenyiora, 30, agrees with the views expressed by one of the men targeted for a bounty by the New Orleans Saints.
Umenyiora has battled hip and knee injuries throughout his career, and is sensitive to the dangers in light of the speculation that concussions may have led to suicide for former linebacker Junior Seau.

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