Giants threatening Odell Beckham with benching or suspension, report says

The New York Giants aren’t thrilled with receiver Odell Beckham’s outbursts. Players have talked to him. Coaches have talked to him. Reporters said general manager Jerry Reese spent a long time talking to Beckham at his locker after Monday night’s game at the Minnesota Vikings.

But benching him? Suspending him? That seems over the top. But the team is considering it, or has at least put the message out through the media that it’s ready to do so.

Longtime NFL reporter Thomas George of SB Nation said two different Giants coaches told him that if Beckham has another outburst on Sunday at the Green Bay Packers, he will be benched. And “depending on the severity of it, he could be suspended by the team for at least one game, maybe two.”

Yes, that seems extreme, and crazy. A two-game suspension for yelling on the sideline too much? Stop it. It also doesn’t seem real, because the Giants aren’t winning much without Beckham on the field.

The Giants are reportedly considering benching Odell Beckham over his outbursts. (AP)
The Giants are reportedly considering benching Odell Beckham over his outbursts. (AP)

Beckham’s penalties aren’t helping the team. And it’s clear by now that NFL teams feel they can take Beckham out of his game with physical play and constant trash talk. Josh Norman started it, and it has continued. It was embarrassing for Beckham to lash out at a kicking net when he was frustrated. But we’ve gotten to a point where this whole controversy is getting overblown. And the Giants would look like hypocrites for punishing Beckham, too. This is a team that gladly accepted kicker Josh Brown back after a one-game NFL suspension for some troubling domestic violence allegations. Now they’re going to bench or suspend Beckham for getting too fired up on the sideline? Come on.

But some unnamed coaches within the Giants want this message out through the media that benching Beckham is their next step. I’m not sure how sitting their best player would help them win football games, but maybe they’re ready to do it.

We’ll see if Beckham can control his emotions on Sunday night in Green Bay. And if he can’t, we’ll see if the Giants do something about it.

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