Giants fan sitting front row at Dodger Stadium shows us best way to taunt an opponent

There are two things we can learn from the current controversy surrounding Adam Jones and the Boston Red Sox fans who hurled racial taunts at him on Monday night:

1. Racism is bad.

2. Heckling and taunting professional athletes requires a wit that goes beyond simple name-calling.

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So, if you need a moment of levity in baseball right now, let’s take a look at this San Francisco Giants fan who scored a front-row seat to Monday’s game between his favorite team and the home squad, their rivals, the Los Angeles Dodgers. There he is, so close to the action at Dodger Stadium he could tell you what Corey Seager smells like.

Oh, and what’s that he’s holding? What’s covering his face? It’s an edition of the San Francisco Chronicle from the morning after the Giants won their 2014 World Series — the third World Series win in five years. The paper has Buster Posey hugging Madison Bumgarner and proclaims the Giants a “Dynasty.”

Now, see, that’s good. That’s how you taunt the opposing team. You don’t have to yell or call anybody names or even single anyone out. You just need to be clever.

… And it helps if your team has won three World Series this decade and the other team hasn’t won since 1988.

The Giants beat the Dodgers on Monday night at Dodger Stadium. (AP)
The Giants beat the Dodgers on Monday night at Dodger Stadium. (AP)

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