Giants' Cruz affected by visiting shooting victim's family

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New York Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz said he just wanted to provide a positive voice when he visited the family of a 6-year-old boy killed in the Connecticut school shootings last week, but said the experience changed his view on life.
Cruz spent about an hour Tuesday with the family of Jack Pinto, who was to be buried in Cruz's No. 80 jersey.
"It was an emotional time. I spent a little bit of time with them and we got to smile a little bit, which was good for them," Cruz said Wednesday. "It was a time where I just wanted to be a positive voice, a positive light in a time where it can be very negative. It was a good time. They're a great family and they are really united right now at this time. It was good to see."
Cruz wrote Jack Pinto's name on his cleats before last Sunday's 34-0 loss at the Atlanta Falcons, and gave the shoes to the family Tuesday.
"I didn't want to go in there and make a speech or anything," Cruz said. "I just wanted to go there and spend some time with them and be someone that they can talk to and be someone that they can vent to, talk about how much of fans they are to the team or different times where they watched the Super Bowl; I was sitting in the seat where the dad watched our Super Bowl last year. It was good.
Said Giants head coach Tom Coughlin of Cruz: "Incredibly proud of what he's done. Incredibly. That family will remember that all their days. Hopefully, at least some of their grief may temporarily be spent in being able to embrace Victor Cruz."

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