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Miami Marlins right fielder Giancarlo Stanton had a rough 2016. For a huge swath of the season, it seemed like Stanton forgot how to hit. In May and June of 2016, Stanton hit just seven homers and batted .205, and he didn’t look like himself. That was the low point, and he hit .268 the rest of the way, but never seemed to get into a groove.

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The 2017 season is a fresh start for Stanton. He entered the season healthy and ready to mash, and after eight games it looks like he might be heating up. You can watch Stanton and the Marlins try to stay hot when they face the New York Mets, which is our Free MLB Game of the Day here on Yahoo Sports. You can stream the game — for free — on the Yahoo Sports MLB page, on our Free Game of the Day tab or within this very post once the game starts at 7:10 p.m. ET.

All we have to look at are eight games, which is a pretty small sample size, but thus far the results are positive. He’s hitting .290/.371/.516, and he’s already had two two-hit games and a three-hit game. But the best evidence we have that Stanton might be heating up at the plate came in Wednesday night’s game against the Braves. He hit his very first home run of the 2017 season in the third inning, and then just two innings later he hit his second home run of the season.

Besides Stanton being very good at baseball, there might be another reason Stanton hit those homers. And it lies in some borrowed clothing.

Giancarlo Stanton stands beside Christian Yelich while wearing Marcell Ozuna’s King Tut outfit. (
Giancarlo Stanton stands beside Christian Yelich while wearing Marcell Ozuna’s King Tut outfit. (

That. Outfit. On Wednesday his teammate Marcell Ozuna came into the clubhouse wearing that King Tut-inspired getup (which is essentially just a pair of King Tut boxer briefs and a hat with ancient Egyptian symbols on it), the day after he hit two home runs in one game. Stanton wanted a little of that mojo, so he decided to borrow it from Ozuna. Lo and behold, Stanton went out and hit two home runs just hours after donning that insane outfit.

No matter why he hit them, it’s good news. In 2016, he didn’t have his first two-homer game until July 5. At that point, he was in the middle of a major struggle at the plate that he wouldn’t shake off by the end of the season.

There are still a lot more games to play, so this could be a blip. But it could also be a sign that Stanton’s bat has awakened, which would be great. Because baseball is a lot more fun when Giancarlo Stanton is hitting dingers.

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