Friends and Family Matters

You know how people say it's the small things in life that matter most? Well, in Week 2 of the Yahoo! Friends and Family League, the saying rang true.

On Sept. 6, I made a small roster adjustment, cutting Michael Robinson and adding Nate Burleson. Back then, you wouldn't have thought this transaction would ever bear any significance, but time has proven otherwise.

Because of this small transaction (and a clutch sit-or-start decision by yours truly), I now have my first win in the Yahoo! expert league: an 83-78 victory over Matt Romig.

My sit-or-start decision came down to choosing between Burleson and Donte' Stallworth for my No. 3 wide receiver slot. Even though Stallworth is widely accepted to be the better fantasy receiver and Burleson went undrafted in our league, I decided to roll the dice with Burleson, who had the better match-up at Arizona than Stallworth, who was at home against San Diego. Burleson ended up catching a touchdown pass and scoring nine fantasy points, while Stallworth had only 19 receiving yards for just one point.

By playing Burleson over Stallworth, my team scored eight more points than it would have otherwise, and I beat Romig by five. Making that small roster move on Sept. 6 and choosing to start Burleson were the difference.

Since playing match-ups worked so well for me in Week 2, I'll be doing it again in Week 3.

Marc Bulger, my fourth-round draft pick, is on the road facing a Tampa Bay defense that shut down Drew Brees last Sunday. Instead of starting Bulger, I'll be going with my recent free-agenct acquisition, Josh McCown, whose Raiders are facing a Browns defense that was torched in the air last week by Carson Palmer, to the tune of 401 yards and six touchdowns.

Am I playing with fire by sitting my studs and starting my duds? Absolutely. But here's another saying for you: "If ain't broke, don't fix it."

Bud Selig Bowl II
Every week, the Friends and Family League schedule features one interdivision game, which pits a Yahoo! expert from Division A against a non-Yahoo! expert from Division B. This weekly contest is named in honor of the Milwaukee-based car salesman-turned-commissioner who brought interleague play to Major League Baseball. The Family v. Friends weekly match-up is meant to be a rivalry game, but where's the rivalry when one side just keeps on winning? That's the question being asked after the Yahoo! family just brought home the Bud Selig Bowl trophy for the second straight week, with Joe Lago defeating Fantasy Auctioneer's George del Prado, 83-81.

Del Prado actually led Lago by six points entering the Monday Night Football game between the Washington Redskins and the Philadelphia Eagles, but Lago still had Santana Moss to play. Obviously understanding the dire significance of the situation, Moss didn't waste time to produce for Lago, garnering 84 receiving yards by halftime, which alone was enough to give Lago the win.

Bud Selig Bowl Season Counter: Family 2, Friends 0

Transaction Tracker
Here are some roster moves that the experts made in the Friends and Family League following the Week 2 slate of games. I examine why each move was made and whether or not you should consider making the same roster additions in your league.

The Move: Brad Evans added DeShawn Wynn and dropped Tony Hunt.
The Logic: Wynn appears to have overtaken Brandon Jackson in Green Bay, and Evans wants to be a part of it.
Read and React: Even with the expectant rise in workload, Wynn isn't a good play this week against the usually stingy San Diego run defense. Thinking long term, though, Wynn has the potential to emerge as a weekly go-to stud. Appropriately, he's the most added player in the Yahoo! game since Sunday, and he should be owned in all public leagues.

The Move:'s Chris Liss added Roddy White and dropped Sinorice Moss.
The Logic: Thru two games, White is on pace for 64 catches and 880 yards, which is a whole lot more than anything you can say about Moss, who has more rushing yards (4) than receiving yards (zero).
Read and React: It's highly unlikely that White – or any other Atlanta Falcons wide receiver, for that matter – will be a consistent fantasy contributor this season. White should not be owned in any public leagues at this time. The highly talented rookie Laurent Robinson is worth flagging if you want a Falcons wide receiver to watch.

The Move:'s Nicholas Linnox added Shaun McDonald and dropped Ernest Wilford.
The Logic: McDonald saw the same number of looks (10) on Sunday as Calvin Johnson, and it doesn't look like David Garrard will have a go-to receiver in Jacksonville.
Read and React: We've learned from the season Mike Furrey put together last year in Detroit that you can never totally dismiss a Lions wide receiver. With that said, as a rule of thumb, I'll never use a team's No. 4 wide receiver as my fantasy team's No. 3. Unless you're desperate, you can probably do better in your public league.

The Move:'s John Hanson added J.T. O'Sullivan and dropped Rex Grossman.
The Logic: Hanson is weary of Jon Kitna's ability to stay healthy for the rest of the season, and as a Kitna owner, he feels obligated to handcuff his starting quarterback with O'Sullivan. Meanwhile, Grossman, who Hansen thought would be the "surprise fantasy QB of 2007," is failing to meet his expectations.
Read and React: I foresaw this scenario before the season began and wrote about it briefly in our draft recap. The scenario is that Kitna is old. Very old. He actually turns 35 on Friday, just two days before playing the Eagles. At that age and with his background, I'd be shocked if he played 12 games this season. As Kitna's primary backup in a Mike Martz offense, O'Sullivan has instant value. If there ever was a backup quarterback to own, O'Sullivan is it. He should be flagged in all leagues, though I'd still wait until a major Kitna injury before adding him in a public league.

The Move: Evans added Roydell Williams and dropped Joe Horn.
The Logic: With only three catches in two games, Horn's time as a fantasy commodity appears to be officially over. Williams, meanwhile, had four catches, 72 yards and a TD last week, and could become a regular target of Vince Young.
Read and React: I've yet to be convinced that Young can support a fantasy-relevant wide receiver at this stage of his development. If he can, it will be Brandon Jones. Williams is not Jones, so he shouldn't be owned in any public league. It's as simple as that.

The Move: Liss added Derek Anderson and dropped Greg Olsen.
The Logic: Anderson proved last week that he can be productive when the match-up is right, and Olsen hasn't been proven anything yet.
Read and React: With upcoming games at Oakland, against Baltimore and at New England, Anderson won't be a good plug-n-play anytime in the near future. In fact, it's a good bet that Anderson won't ever see a good match-up again this season. Right now, Anderson is being fed to the wolves, because it's better him than Brady Quinn. Once the schedule lightens up, Anderson will be pulled and Quinn will be in. There's no reason to add Quinn's crash dummy to your roster.

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