Friday night 5 questions and open thread

Neal Coolong
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Game-planning, Edmund Nelson and a sneaky call for arguments for the 2014 Isaac Redman Award winner.

So that was fun, eh?? The staff of Behind The Steel Curtain is collectively having at least one drink after a rather hectic 72 hour stretch that saw significant events, both positive and negative in nature.

Brett Keisel is back, Le'Veon Bell and LeGarrette Blount were allegedly high (and at least one of them is unaware he can be charged with DUI for driving while high) and the Steelers were manhandled by the Philadelphia Eagles.

We'll dive right into it, then. As usual, you must announce your drink, there will be no discussion of the singing career of Billy Bob Thornton, and if you have not yet donated, get your hindparts in gear.

(This is a good time to point out that last line is a joke. We are absolutely not asking for your hard-earned money, but rather, making a quiet joke at other web sites that ask for your hard-earned money. Keep it. Keep all your money. Do not give it to dweeby writers or hack podcasters who need it to avoid getting real jobs).

1. The Steelers haven't, to my memory, played worse in a preseason game. Part A of the question is do you feel the preseason matters? If you answer yes, your follow-up question is how do you feel about the Steelers' decision to keep their 1s in at the start of the third quarter? If your answer was no, your question is how do explain the 0-4 preseason followed by the 0-4 regular season?

2. Game-planning in the preseason is an often-discussed concept, and it appears the majority believe the team that wins big set up a plan, and the team that lost was just working on a few specific things. Do you feel Philadelphia had a set plan in place to approach the Steelers in this game?

3. Can someone please make up some kind of game to coincide with the preseason finale Thursday? Every time Edmund Nelson mixes up someone's first name, particularly Ryan "Robert" Shazier, what's the result? I may be willing to do this on the air. "Matt" Sanchez drew a big laugh at my place.

4. Troy Polamalu freaked out during an on-field huddle when "Matt" Sanchez was driving on the Steelers' 1s in the third quarter last night. Troy smacked a guy during their second game against Buffalo - his first preseason action. Is the heightened sense of Angry Troy concerning, or is this just a young team that needs to be whipped into shape?

5. Gonna sneak this in now...Your 2014 Redman Award Finalists...Dan McCullers, Nick Williams, Jordan Dangerfield. State your case!

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