The Fresno Grizzlies wore backward Kris Kross uniforms, and it was weird

The Fresno Grizzlies are the Triple-A affiliate for the Houston Astros, and they’re known for their fantastic promotions. So for ’90s Night, which they celebrated during Thursday’s game, they went all out. And the results were… well, they were a little weird.

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The centerpiece of ’90s Night was the special uniforms the team wore. They’re modeled after the 90s music duo Kris Kross, who were known for their entirely backward outfits. The Grizzlies revealed these uniforms back in March, and they looked pretty rad.

It’s not hard for a uniform top, even a backward one, to look normal in that environment. It’s being worn by someone standing in an office cubicle, which isn’t where that uniform is meant to be worn. So let’s see how the uniforms looked on the field on Thursday night.

These Fresno Grizzlies players didn’t put on their jerseys backwards. (Twitter/@FresnoGrizzlies)
These Fresno Grizzlies players didn’t put on their jerseys backwards. (Twitter/@FresnoGrizzlies)

Let’s say it right away: they look sort of weird. It looks like every player forgot how to wear shirts, or they got really confused when they were getting dressed for the game. “The buttons are supposed to go on the front and the tag in the back, right? But the buttons AND the tag are on the same side! How am I supposed to wear this shirt!?!?” It didn’t matter if the players were running bases, standing in to bat, or just chilling in the dugout, the “Totally Krossed Out” uniforms looked delightfully strange, like we were watching a baseball game happening in an alternate dimension.

If it was a baseball game in an alternate dimension, it’s one where the 90s never ended. The Grizzlies ’90s-fied the night as much as they could. They even released a video to get everyone in the 90s mood.

While the ’90s live band karaoke sounds like fun, the cheap cans of Surge (the onetime Mountain Dew competitor) were the true winners of the night. People were stocking up.

I hope those fans don’t drink all those cans of Surge at once, or it’ll give the song “Jump” a whole new caffeinated meaning.

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