Freak Show Podcast: NBA playoffs, ranking Thames, BvP theory

How do we explain Amir Garrett's breakout?
How do we explain Amir Garrett's breakout?

We have some basic goals with the Yahoo Fantasy Freak Show Podcast. We want to inform you. We want to help you become a better fantasy player. We want to entertain you.

Sometimes we hit those goals. Sometimes we don’t quite get there. That’s for you to decide, in the witty, brilliant, unfailingly honest repartee of the comments.

On Thursday’s highly collectible program, Dalton Del Don and Scott Pianowski spend an hour figuring out the way of the land. Favorites generally win in the NBA playoffs; is that a feature or a bug? What sorts of early factors can help us sort out fantasy facts from flukes? Is Eric Thames already a second-round fantasy commodity? Is Luis Severino all growns up? Where did Amir Garrett come from? Why won’t you pick up Mitch Moreland? Will Dalton win money betting on the NBA MVP? Should you study BvP data for your DFS lineup decisions?

Give us your 63 minutes, we’ll give you the world.

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