Francisco Lindor's go-ahead grand slam had Rangers fans all shook up

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If the Texas Rangers could hit the reset button on the 2017 season, they would do so immediately. Their season-opening series against the Cleveland Indians had already been a painful enough experience by Tuesday. It became downright excruciating on Wednesday after Francisco Lindor launched a ninth-inning grand slam that proved to be the difference in Cleveland’s 9-6 win.

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How excruciating you ask? Enough that it had at least one fan visibly shook up.

A fan can't hold back her emotions following Francisco Lindor's game-winning grand slam. (MLB.TV)
A fan can’t hold back her emotions following Francisco Lindor’s game-winning grand slam. (MLB.TV)

Others were shook up too, though mostly into silence.

After dropping each of the first two games, Texas needed Wednesday’s game to avoid a sweep and the team’s first 0-3 start since 2007. With a two-run lead, the Rangers were three outs away from pulling it off. Unfortunately, that’s when the wheels fell off and the lead disappeared, first with a bang, and then with a whimper, and we mean that literally.

The fan in the photo above in particular went viral within moments of Lindor’s slam, which landed somewhere near the Oklahoma border. Most were surprised by the seemingly genuine display of emotion for a game on April 5.

And the others are Indians fans, probably.

When Tom Hanks’ character Jim Dugan belted out “there’s no crying in baseball” in a “League of their Own,” it immediately became one of the most iconic lines in cinematic history.

It is also among the most untrue proclamations in cinematic history. Fans and players are far too emotionally invested in to baseball to hold back when the intensity is turned up. We’ve seen those emotions and tears spill over many a time over the years, and there’s not a darn thing wrong with it.

Granted, this reaction doesn’t bode well for any fan who plans on remaining invested for the entire 162-game season. If we’re being honest though, this week’s results don’t bode well for the Rangers either.

As you might have noticed, Lindor was pretty emotional too after delivering that homer. That’s because earlier in the game he committed a critical throwing error that directly led to three runs scoring. After the game, Lindor said he was determined to atone for his error. His biggest motivation being that he didn’t want starting pitcher Danny Salazar to be charged with the loss.

Lindor came through, first with a solo home run, and then with a slam that ultimately shook Globe Life Park to its core.

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