Former Wolverine QB Michael Taylor blasts Michigan leadership

Jerry Hinnen, College Football Writer
CBS Sports

It's no secret that these aren't happy times for Michigan football, and so it's no surprise that a former Wolverine star like late-80s quarterback Michael Taylor isn't happy with the program's long-running doldrums, either.

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But the depth of anger and frustration expressed by Taylor in a radio interview Tuesday went far beyond the usual expected grumbling. In the comments transcribed by the Detroit Free-Press, Taylor absolutely unloads on Michigan athletic director Dave Brandon, coach Brady Hoke and other aspects of Michigan leadership.

On Brandon:

Michigan football is not going in the right direction. The leadership is bad, there are many more issues on and off the field than I care to talk about. It's just sad ... I'm not here to say whether [Hoke] is going to be fired; I don't make that call. All I do know is Dave Brandon should not be let to make another decision at Michigan. Period.

On Hoke: 

We didn't get the coach who should have been our coach here [viz. Jim Harbaugh, in 2011] because we insulted him in the first place. So then look who we get. It's nothing personal; Brady's a nice guy, I'm sure all you guys agree. I'll agree to that. Really nice guy, very personable guy. However, his pedigree did not deserve to be a $4-million coach here at Michigan ... It's disheartening when you see the level of coaching [the players are] getting. They supposedly have talent but ... is that transferring over on [Saturdays]? That boils down to coaching.

On academics and football:

I've heard guys give excuses and said Jim Harbaugh lied about what Michigan steers you in, as far as where you go as a degree. That's the farthest thing from the truth, because I was accepted into Michigan in the engineering school, and they took me out of it and put me in LS&A. That's a fact. So before people talk about what Michigan will and won't do, they took away your dreams. I wanted to be an engineer. It just so happened that I graduated from the school of business. … Michigan has never talked about Michael Taylor being a Michigan business school graduate.

Taylor -- the starting quarterback for the Wolverines' back-to-back Rose Bowl teams of 1988 and 1989 -- also expounds at length on his claims of poor treatment of former Michigan players by the program, poor treatment of African-American players by the program, and the poor treatment of former Wolverine coach Rich Rodriguez. 

Whatever the accuracy of his claims, yes, it's fair to say that Taylor is not happy. And likewise -- while many Michigan fans and even many Michigan players might disagree with many of his opinions -- it's also safe to say he's not the only one.

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