Florida softball coach has postgame shoving match with Auburn player

Haley Fagan and <a class="link rapid-noclick-resp" href="/ncaaf/players/268194/" data-ylk="slk:Tim Walton">Tim Walton</a> exchanged words following Monday’s game. (Screenshot from @JFergusonAU)
Haley Fagan and Tim Walton exchanged words following Monday’s game. (Screenshot from @JFergusonAU)

A Florida man is in hot water after engaging in a shoving match with an Alabama woman following a softball game. The man in question is Florida Gators softball coach Tim Walton, who took offense to Auburn Tigers infielder Haley Fagan’s conduct during the postgame handshake line.

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The whole ordeal unfolded after Auburn’s 1-0 win over the Gators. Fagan approaches Walton in the handshake line with her arms at her side. Instead of ignoring the slight, Walton makes contact with Fagan’s right shoulder, lightly shoving her. Fagan then shoves Walton in the back, and the two exchange words.

The conflict between the two is then resolved without further incident. Fagan, however, appears to yell at someone else (likely an opposing player) following the incident. A teammate stops Fagan from engaging any further.

The bizarre situation may stem from an issue involving Fagan’s family members. Her two sisters, Kasey and Sami, played for Walton at Florida, but were dismissed by the coach. At the time, Fagan’s father, Kevin, said that an “altercation on the team” led to the dismissals.

Walton released a statement following Monday’s incident apologizing to Fagan. In it, he implies that his contact with her shoulder was unintentional.

“I apologize to Haley. I just wanted to congratulate Auburn on the win – it was a good series.

“My intent was to give a high-five to each opposing player as we do after every game. Apparently, her hand wasn’t up as I said ‘good game’ and I touched her shoulder. I should have paid closer attention and did not intend to upset her.

“I regret that this has taken attention away from the effort and sportsmanship both teams displayed all weekend.”

Fagan has yet to comment on the altercation with Walton.

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