Fitness Fail Friday: The 14 Dumbest Things to Do on a Trampoline

Dustin Brady
Trampoline Fail
Trampoline Fail

When you’re a kid, a trampoline is the holy grail of Christmas presents. But once you finally get your own and bounce around for a bit, you realize that jumping in place gets old fast. So you mix it up with stunts that get more and more dangerous, until you find yourself in the emergency room.

These people learned the hard way that the best way to enjoy a trampoline might be to visit the rich kid’s house once in awhile.

Jump from the second story

“We can leave the kids home alone for a few hours. What’s the worst that can happen?” One of them can break his butt, that’s what.

Shoot a basketball with your feet

If you tried this a hundred times, you’d be more likely to suffer a concussion than make a single made basket.

Leap from a sketchy overhang

Jumping from a roof is dumb. Jumping from an overhang that looks like it’s held together with plywood and prayers is much, much worse.

Escape from your room

Every kid who's ever been grounded has fantasized about escaping by jumping onto a giant trampoline. It doesn’t work.

Let your toddler play next to the giant hole in the trampoline

If you’re OK with a giant hole in the middle of your trampoline, you probably don’t need the $80 safety net any more.

Attempt a WWE ladder match

If you squint a little, this looks just like a real WWE ladder match. Well done, guys.

Build your own safety net

“The $80 safety nets at Walmart are for people who are too lazy and dumb to build their own.” Good call, DIY Dad.

Try the mascot dunk

You think it’s easy to make a front flip dunk off a trampoline? The Phoenix Suns' Gorilla laughs at your hubris.

Attempt a team launch dunk

Have you ever worked with another person on a trampoline to launch a third, smaller person into the air? It’s one of life’s purest joys. It’s also a horrible thing to mix with basketball.

Dunk on a hoop 10 feet away

There are not a lot of ways this could have gone worse.

Construct a skateboard landing

When did this guy start having second thoughts about his plan? Maybe when he was approaching the ramp at 4 mph?

Jump off the roof with a buddy

This is a perfect way to get rid of that kid down the street who only wants to be your friend for your trampoline.

Ignore your wife when she says to get down

The definition of adding insult to injury.

Catch a bear

If this was the best solution for dealing with a treed bear, we’d love to learn about all the options it beat out. Was a homemade parachute involved at some point? Apparently, the bear was OK, but the animal control officer should probably not be getting a parade any time soon.

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