Fight breakdown: Quinton Jackson vs. Dan Henderson

Kevin Iole

LONDON – The first-ever Pride-UFC light heavyweight championship unification bout will be held Saturday at the O2 Arena when Dan Henderson takes on Quinton “Rampage” Jackson. Here is what each man must do to win:

Keys to victory
1. Use his knees: When they're in the clinch, Jackson can take advantage of his Muay Thai skills by cracking Henderson with a knee. 1. Pump his jab:. Henderson should keep a jab in Jackson's face to prevent him from being able to set his feet and fire.

2. Attack at an angle: Walking straight in is an invitation for Henderson to land his booming right. 2. Stand it up: Henderson punches with both hands and is all but impossible to knock out, which means he's better off on his feet despite his wrestling pedigree.

3. By physical: Jackson is stronger and should try to maul Henderson physically when he gets his hands on him. 3. Feint to the right: Jackson tends to react to feints, so Henderson should feint his right and come back with a hard left hand.

4. Punch in combination: Henderson has a solid chin and probably won't be hurt by one shot, so Jackson needs to put them together. 4. Control the distance: Henderson doesn't want to allow Jackson to maul him and use his size, so he should make certain Jackson is always at the end of his right hand.

Rating the fighters
Comparison of UFC light heavyweight champ Quinton "Rampage" Jackson and PRIDE double champ Dan Henderson
on a rating of 1 to 10 in several categories:
Punching power 9 8 Jackson's standup is improving, as he showed against Liddell.
Wrestling 10 9 Jackson would love to make it a wrestling match.
Kicks 6 6 Kicks won't make a difference in this fight.
Ground and
8 10 Jackson's strength and tenacity make this a strong suit.
10 7 The fight is usually fought where Henderson wants.
Chin 10 9 Henderson has never been knocked out.
Submissions 6 6 Jackson said he doesn't expect to be "doing any jiu-jitsuing."
Stamina 8 8 Both can go five rounds, if needed.
Strength 8 10 Strength is Jackson's biggest advantage.
Intangibles 10 10 Both are convinced they're destined to win.

Total 85 82 Jackson has a size and strength edge, but Henderson is fearless and has a good chin. Expect him to find a way to pull it out.