Thai federation president Worawi to appeal FIFA suspension

BANGKOK (AP) -- A lawyer acting for Worawi Makudi says the Thai soccer association president will immediately appeal his 90-day suspension handed down by FIFA on Monday.

The FIFA ethics committee says a breach of its code appears to have been committed and the case ''is now the subject of formal investigation proceedings.''

Details of the allegations were not provided in Monday's statement but Worawi has been under investigation for his conduct during the 2018 and 2022 World Cup bidding contests.

Football Association of Thailand lawyer, Narinpong Jinapak, issued a statement saying FIFA's order was not final and an appeal would be sent immediately.

Worawi was a FIFA executive committee member for 18 years until May.

In July, Worawi was found guilty of forgery in his 2013 re-election to lead the Thai federation. A Bangkok criminal court sentenced Worawi to a suspended jail term of one year and four months.

Worawi has already appealed the Thai sentence.

The FIFA's suspension comes just five days before the FAT presidential election due on Saturday.

Narinpong's statement said the FAT presidential and board council election was not an activity banned by FIFA and was internal issue that must go on according to FAT schedule and regulations.

''I have no idea why FIFA issued such suspension order which relatively defames my reputation,'' Worawi was quoted as saying in Thai newspapers. ''I will have the legal team send a petition to FIFA immediately under my rights. According to Thai laws, this case is not final. I'm still entitled to do local activities.''