FIFA sued for €1 billion over bad World Cup referees

Ryan Rosenblatt
SB Nation

Bad refereeing is worth €1 billion, apparently.

FIFA is getting sued for having bad referees at the World Cup. A Colombian lawyer has taken it upon himself to get justice on behalf of the globe. But mainly himself for the "distress" that the referees caused.

And how much does he want? €1 billion.

Yep, 74-year-old Aurelio Jimenez has sued FIFA for €1 billion because of his emotional and physical distress. That includes being taken to the hospital with cardiac problems, something that is apparently all Carlos Velasco Carballo's -- and thus, FIFA's -- fault.

Carballo was the referee in Brazil's quarterfinal win over Colombia, which saw both teams play very physically and Carballo come under fire for not getting the match under control. There were several bad tackles, many of them aimed at James Rodriguez, which caused Jimenez distress.

It is assumed that Brazil's Neymar was also caused distress when Colombia's Juan Zuniga kicked him in the back and broke a vertebrae, but the Colombians are the ones who were distressed.

"I decided to sue FIFA in the Colombian judiciary system because in the past world soccer championship in Brazil, there were many wrongdoings related to referees who damaged many countries and their selections, among them the Colombia team," Jimenez continued.

"Moreover, FIFA's referees caused big moral damages and distress to Chile, Uruguay, Colombia, England, Uruguay, Mexico and Costa Rica."

Jimenez has said that if he wins his lawsuit, he will give the money to a government organization aimed at helping Colombian children, which is nice. Bad World Cup referees can help kids!

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